Assign the students to small groups of three or four students each. Create a worksheet or display where all can see the Passion events listed below (including the Scripture references). Tell the students to go around the group and tell what they remember about each event. They should add any missing details to each person's story. A new person should begin sharing for each event.

After about 15 or 20 minutes of discussion, tell the groups to choose one or two of the events for further study. Tell them to look up the Gospel passages listed for their event(s). Tell them to note any details that were missing from their remembrances.

Passion Events

Jesus eats the Last Supper with his friends.

  • Mt 26:17-35

  • Mk 14:12-31

  • Lk 22:7-23

  • Jn 13:1-11

Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane.

  • Mt 26:36-46

  • Mk 14:43-52

  • Lk 22:39-46

Jesus is betrayed by Jesus and arrested.

  • Mt 26:47-56

  • Mk 14:53-65

  • Lk 22:63-71

  • Jn 18:19-24

Jesus is judged by the Jewish court, the Sanhedrin.

  • Mt 26:57-68

  • Mk 14:53-65

  • Lk 22:63-71

  • Jn 18:19-24

Jesus is denied by Peter.

  • Mt 26:69-75

  • Mk 14:66-72

  • Lk 22:54-62

  • Jn 18:15-16; 25-27

Jesus is judged by Pilate and condemned to die.

  • Mt 27:11-31

  • Mk 15:1-20

  • Lk 23:26-43

  • Jn 19:16-30

Jesus dies and is buried.

  • Mt 27:45-66

  • Mk 15:33-47

  • Lk 23:44-56

  • Jn 19:31-32

To conclude the activity, have the students work individually and select two of the scenes from Jesus' passion. Say: “Imagine you are there—it is happening now and you are one of the people in the scene. Write a paragraph or two telling what you would say to Jesus in that scene.”

This activity has been adapted from Time Out: Resources for Teen Retreats (Ave Maria Press, 1999) by Kieran Sawyer, SSND.*