Praying the Stations of the Cross is a wonderful way to prepare for the events of Holy Week. By walking with Jesus on the way to the cross, we enter into the sufferings of our Lord, growing in our appreciation for his sacrifice on our behalf.

Certainly, it would be good to pray the stations with your students, perhaps in the school chapel or even outside, weather permitting. You can fashion crosses to represent the stations and position them in a suitable manner somewhere on campus, perhaps on an athletic field. Walk the stations with your students, allowing different readers to lead the meditations and the prayers. As a class project, students can compose the reflections, perhaps following the lead from some the websites listed here:

The Franciscans sponsor a great website—
Via Crucis—that shows the sites in Jerusalem where Jesus walked.

Creighton University's Collaborative Ministry Office has a great four-page handout on the Stations that you can duplicate for your students.

Catholic Online provides some thoughtful commentary with traditional illustrations of the Stations.

Finally, you might also benefit from the reflections on each station written by Mother Angelica of EWTN fame.

-Mike Pennock
(technical difficulties prevent posting from his account)