The Sign of the Cross is a sacramental, that is, a sacred prayer, object, or blessing. It has been a universal sign of Christianity since the very early times of the Church. In the third century, Church Father, Tertullian, wrote: “At every step and movement, whenever we come in or go out, in dressing or in putting on our shoes, at the bath, at table, at the lighting of the lamps, in going to rest, in sitting down, whatever employment occupies us, we mark our foreheads with the Sign of the Cross.”

This coming Sunday May 26 is Trinity Sunday. Refer your students to Tertullian’s words about the Sign of the Cross as a reminder of the central mystery of faith, the Holy Trinity.

Use the following discussion questions as a a warm up discussion or journal entry for any lesson this week:


  1. If you were asked to explain the Trinity—one God in Three Persons—to a young child, how would you do it?

  2. The Holy Trinity is a “community of love.” What is a human example from your own life that helps you with this understanding of the Trinity?

  3. What are concrete ways the Word of God is in your mind? on your lips? in your heart?