Gary Sullivan, theology department chairperson at Damien High School in Pomona, California, has prepared a set of videos to accompany topics and protocol points for all six required courses and all five electives of the USCCB curriculum framework. See additional resources prepared by Gary at the Archdiocesan of Los Angeles Remote Learning Resource Center. For less awkward formatting of this material, look for it soon in a pdf version on the Ave Maria Press Teacher Classroom Resources page.

USCCB Doctrinal Framework for High School Religion Classes

This doctrinal framework is the foundation by which our courses, textbooks and materials are organized.

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I. The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture 

         Jesus Christ: God's Revelation to the World          


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  1. CCC Article 1: Revelation

This is the section of the CCC that provides the doctrinal foundation for Divine Revelation, Scripture and Tradition. This section sheds light on the videos below.



  1. St. Thomas Aquinas Five Proofs for God

This video is a summary of Aquinas’ five proofs for the existence of God found in the summa: 1. First Mover; 2. First Cause; 3. Necessary Being; 4. Greatest Being; and 5. Intelligent Designer.   


  1. Proof for the Existence of God from the Argument of Desire

Bishop Robert Barron describes the meaning of innate desire, He explains the Catholic argument that since we have a desire for an infinite God built into us then God must exist.


  1. Natural Revelation: Saved by Beauty

Natalie Stefanick discusses how her experience of God’s Revelation through natural beauty in the ocean transformed her thinking and led to a deeper conversion toward God.


  1. Clayton Kershaw: Faith and Trust in God’s Plan

Once we encounter God through either natural revelation or Divine Revelation it requires a response of faith from us. This video discusses the relationship between trust and faith as presented by a major league baseball player.


  1. The First Five Books of the Bible

This video uses humor to introduce the first five books of the Bible and the Catholic understanding of the Pentateuch.


  1. Genre: Various Literary Styles in Scripture

As contextualists, Catholics pay special attention to genre in Sacred Scripture. The Bible is a collection of various books that can be categorized by literary style.


  1. Catholic Bible Interpretation

Bishop Robert Barron discusses the problem of literalism and then goes on to cover the Catholic way of interpreting Scripture by genre and cultural context.



  1. The Canon of Scripture: Formation and Criteria

This video covers how the Bible came to be in its current form and how the Magisterium of the Catholic Church decided which books were in and which books were not.



  1. Magisterium: Authoritative Guardian and Interpreter of the Deposit of Faith

This video explains the role of bishops as successors of the Apostles who provide the service of leadership in proclaiming the message of Christ.


  1. Modern Scribe: How Old Testament Hebrew is Written

This video demonstrates a modern-day scribe writing like the ancients using a feather on parchment made out of sheep skin to print Hebrew Words.




  1. St. Jerome Biography

St. Jerome is the patron saint of Bible scholars. He translated the original Hebrew and Greek into Latin (the Vulgate).


  1. Overview of the Story of the Bible

This video covers the meta narrative within Scripture from Adam and Eve up to and beyond the Gospels.




  1. The Sistine Chapel Ceiling

Connecting the story of the Bible to liturgy, the Catholic masterpiece of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is explained in detail. This is an important example of the how art is able to communicate the story of salvation.







II. Who Is Jesus Christ?

 Jesus Christ: His Mission and Ministry


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  1. CCC Article 2: ‘And in Jesus Christ, His Only Son, our Lord’

This is the section of the Catechism that provides the doctrinal foundation for Jesus, the Incarnate Word of God. This section sheds light on the videos below.


  1. Intro to the Creed and The Holy Trinity

This video takes us through the parts of the Creed and challenges us to adopt a real and meaningful faith in God the Father, God the Son, and the God the Holy Spirit.


  1. Fra Angelico: The Annunciation

This great Catholic masterpiece captures the scene when the Angel Gabriel announces God’s plan of salvation and the moment when Jesus becomes incarnate in the womb of Mary.



  1. Mary God’s Masterpiece

Theologian Scott Hahn talks about Mary’s role in salvation history from a biblical perspective.



  1. Incarnation: Why Did God Become Human?

This video takes a philosophical approach to the Incarnation. It explains that God became human in the person of Jesus so that humans may become holy like God.



  1. St. Athanasius

The story of the early Church bishop and saint who saved the Catholic Church from the Arian heresy.


  1. Arian Controversy and The Council of Nicea

This video examines the Arian crisis and the Council of Nicea from a historical viewpoint. It helps us to appreciate the Catholic understanding of Jesus as expressed in the Nicene Creed.



  1. Titles of Jesus as Priest, Prophet and King

This video takes us through the titles that point to Jesus’ identity and mission. It connects them our baptismal mandate to participate in and advance this mission.



  1. Gentile da Fabriano, Adoration of the Magi

This altarpiece highlights the manger scene where Jesus as Incarnate Word is adored by a multitude of pilgrims led by the three Magi.



  1. Jesus in Every Book of the Bible

This video shows a different kind of “flash mob,” a ‘Eucharistic Flash-mob’ in an English city. In the background the priest is announcing that this is Jesus by naming, in a litany, each book of the Bible and how Jesus is present.


  1. Liar, Lunatic, or Lord

This video an apologetic argument that Jesus has to be taken seriously based on who he claimed to be. That is, if was good and sane then he must be God.



  1. The Case for Christ

This is the documentary version of Lee Strobel’s quest to uncover the proof for Jesus not only as a historical person but as God.


  1. Afterlife: The Last Things

This video discusses death, judgment, heaven and hell from a Catholic perspective.




III. The Mission of Jesus Christ       

     Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation


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  1. CCC Articles 4-6: “Jesus Christ Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was Crucified, Died and was Buried, Descended into Hell, on the third day Rose Again, and Ascended into Heaven…”.

These are the sections of the CCC that provides the doctrinal foundation for the Paschal Mystery. These sections shed light on the videos below.


  1. The Paschal Mystery Introduction

This video discusses the four-fold event of Jesus’ Suffering, Death, Resurrection and Ascension and how that event is brought into the present through liturgy.


  1. How to Understand Genesis: Creation and the Fall

This video clarifies the Catholic understanding of Genesis by highlighting the theological truths rooted in the accounts.

  1. The Problem of Sin: Original and Actual

This video gives an overview of the Fall, Original Sin, the fallen world and ongoing actual sin. It points to Jesus as the solution.



  1. Angels and Demons: Unseen Creation

In this video, Catholic philosopher Peter Kreeft presents his fascinating findings about the Catholic teaching on angels.



  1. Meaning of “Messiah”

Overview of sin problem and how Jesus fulfills the definition of Messiah and can reverse the effects of sin through the Paschal Mystery events.


  1. Jesus’ Arrest and Trials

This video presents a comprehensive overview of biblical events surrounding the arrest and trails of Jesus.



  1. Passion and Death of Jesus in Anime, ‘My Last Day’

This creative animated video gives a look into the last hours of Jesus’ life from the good thief’s point of view.


  1. Jesus’ Passion and Death

In this video Mark Hart discusses the events that surrounded the passion and death of Jesus as well as their theological significance.


10. Jesus’ Resurrection

In this video Mark Hart discusses the reason to believe in a bodily resurrection of Jesus and why hope of our own resurrection is reasonable.



11. Caravaggio’s Doubting Thomas in 2 Minutes

An art historian explores the great Catholic masterpiece which depicts Jesus revealing his wound to Thomas.



12. Why the Resurrection is Credible

Bishop Robert Barron takes an apologetic approach to explaining the reasonableness and credibility for belief in the Resurrection of Jesus.


13. Ascension of Jesus

This is a look at why the Ascension is often underrated as the last event in the Paschal Mystery.





IV. Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues in the Church

Jesus and the Church: One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic


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  1. CCC Article 9: “I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church.”

This is the sections of the Catechism that provides the doctrinal foundation for the Church. These sections shed light on the videos below.


  1. Lumen Gentium

This video gives an overview of the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church from the Second Vatican Council. An introduction to Lumen Gentium is an appropriate starting point for any course on the Church.


  1. Pentecost in 2 Minutes

This video gives a brief overview of the meaning of Pentecost and the relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Church.


  1. The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church

In this video Bishop Robert Barron lays out the relationship between the biblical representations of the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit generates and animates the life of the Church.


  1. St. Peter, The Rock

Jesus founded the. This video discusses Peter as the rock of the Church.



  1. Structure of the Church

This video covers the apostolic structure of the Church’s leadership and how they serve the universal church through apostolic and papal succession.


  1. One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic

This video gives an overview of the four marks of the Church in Scripture and Tradition. It examines what these marks mean to us as members of the Church.


  1. Introduction to the Models of the Church

This video gives a visual introduction to the beauty and mystery in the models of the Church.


  1. Five Models of the Church

This video gives a more comprehensive overview of the five models of the Church that Cardinal Avery Dulles taught.



10. The Church as Bride of       Christ in “Cinderella”

Bishop Robert Barron examines the original Christian meaning of Cinderella story. He points out the allegorical sense in the story and how Catholics view the Church as Bride of Christ.


11. The Church in Heaven: Saints

This video briefly covers the process for canonization. It discusses the meaning of the sainthood and communion of saints as well.


12. The Church in the World: 10 Facts

This video gives ten interesting facts about the Church of which most people are not aware. It clarifies many modern misconceptions about the Church along the way.


13. The Church Universal: Fourteen Amazing Cathedrals Around the World.

This video highlights some of the architectural heritage of the Catholic Church. This video also reveals the Church as a worldwide body of believers.





V. Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Jesus

Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments


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  1. CCC Part II: The Celebration of the Christian Mystery.

This is the sections of the Catechism that provides the doctrinal foundation for the liturgy and sacraments in the Church. These sections shed light on the videos below.


 2. Intro to the Sacraments

This video is a comprehensive overview of sacramental theology and each of the Seven Sacraments.


 3. Jesus: Icon of the Father- Primordial Sacrament

This video examines the meaning of Jesus as icon of the Father or as primordial sacrament.



   4. Icon Workshop-Sacramental imagery

This video explores the methods of writing icons. The theology of iconography is examined and its link to the sacraments.


   5. Sacred Images

Dr. Denis McNamara, faculty member at the Liturgical Institute in Mundelein, Illinois, speaks on the importance of sacred images in Catholic worship, noting their sacramental character as revealers of the presence of heavenly beings


  6. What are Sacramentals?

Various sacramentals are examined as well as how Catholics use them in worship as well as everyday life.




  7. Introduction to Baptism

Bishop Robert Barron discusses the exchange between Jesus and Nicodemus. Baptism is the way we as Catholics are born from above into divine life as a breakthrough of grace.


  8. Confirmation

This is a comprehensive look at the Sacrament of Confirmation through the eyes of a young man. In it, he recovers the true meaning of the sacrament.


   9. Eucharist

The theology, history and biblical meaning of the Sacrament of the Eucharist is covered in detail.


 10. Vatican II: Liturgical Reform

This video discusses Sacrosanctum Concilium and the changes that happened to the Mass after the Second Vatican Council.

 11. Reconciliation

This video serves as an introduction to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It looks at the sacrament through the question: Why do Catholics confess to a priest?


  12. Rembrandt: Prodigal Son

A look at the famous painting of the Prodigal Son. It examines how the parable from chapter 15 of Luke’s Gospel is portrayed through Rembrandt who himself was a type of a prodigal son.



  13. Redemptive Suffering: Anointing of the Sick

Fr. Mike Schmitz looks at what the saints and martyrs knew about suffering that enabled them to endure so much of it. Christ didn’t give them some mystical superpower; he simply gave their suffering a purpose.




  14. Holy Matrimony

This video gives an overview of the theology of marriage as well as the biblical foundations for sexual complementarity and family life.



  15. Holy Orders

Each of the three degrees of Holy Orders are explained. The video traces the sacrament back to the early Church while examining apostolic succession.





VI. Life in Jesus Christ

Your Life in Christ: Foundations in Catholic Morality


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 1. CCC Part III: Life in Christ

This is the sections of the Catechism that provides the doctrinal foundation for morality. These sections shed light on the videos below.


   2. The Sermon on the Mount and Lord’s Prayer

This is the excerpt from Jesus of Nazareth focuses on chapter 5 of Matthew, the Sermon on the Mount and the teaching of the Our Father. Jesus teaches how to live a moral life of perfection.

   3. The Beatitudes: The Key to Joy

Bishop Robert Barron points to the four “P’s” as the world’s way to be happy: power, pleasure, prestige and possessions. He then compares those words to the happiness shared by Jesus gives us in the Beatitudes. He points out the importance of detachment from worl­­­dly things so that we are free to be virtuous and more happy.


4. Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. Every goal we have is ultimately for happiness. This video connects our pursuit of happiness and our faith in God. It points to Jesus’s goal for us. “I have told you these things so that my joy may be in you, and your joy may be complete!” (John 15:11)


5. “There has to be More than This!” Tom Brady

In this video football quarterback Tom Brady is interviewed on 60 Minutes and he talks about how everything the world says will make us happy is, in the end, not enough. There has to be more.


 6. Values vs. Virtue

Dr. Ed Sri discusses the importance of developing virtue as a moral skill. He cites the Catechism to define virtue as a habitual disposition to do the good. He makes an important distinction between values and virtue.



  7. Theological Virtues

This video is a thorough overview of the Catechism’s section on the theological virtues. It points to the theological virtues as the foundation of Christian moral activity and how they are infused by God into our souls through grace received in the sacraments.


  8. Navigation: Developing a Moral Compass through Reason and Conscience

An exploration of the many paths we can choose to walk down in life and the importance of free will to choose the most important path. The video shows how reason and conscience act as our built in navigation system. Clever analogies are used.


  9.  Freedom for Excellence

In this video clip, Bishop Robert Barron clarifies the Catholic idea of freedom. He defines freedom as it relates and depends on detachment and virtue.


 10. Morality of Human Acts: Object, Intent, Circumstances

In this video the morality of an act is examined using the Catechism’s three parts: object, Intent and, circumstances. They are discussed as a way to determine the morality of an act as either good or bad.


11. C.S. Lewis Doodle: Right and Wrong

C.S. Lewis gives us a way to discover the objective meaning of right and wrong by appealing to a common standard.

  12. Truth: Objective vs. Subjective

This video takes a philosophical approach to exposing the problem of moral relativism.


   13. The Conversion of an Atheist Based on the Morality Argument

Atheist turned Catholic, Ivy League blogger, Leah Libresco shares her journey from deontological ethics to virtue ethics and finally to entrance into the Catholic faith.



Elective Option A: Sacred Scripture

Sacred Scripture: A Catholic Study of God’s Word


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  1. Dei Verbum Documents

During the Second Vatican Council, the Council fathers focused on Sacred Scripture. This video looks at how the “Word of God” (Dei Verbum) came to shape the teachings that emerged from the Council.

  1. Intro to Biblical Languages

Beginners information on biblical Hebrew and Greek. Students will see what the written languages look like and sound like.

  1. Codex Amiatinus, the Oldest Latin Vulgate Bible

Khan Academy explores the oldest full Bible in the Latin vulgate translation..

  1. Interpretation

Deep misunderstandings about how to interpret the Bible are dealt with by Bishop Robert Barron as he seeks to recover a Catholic approach to biblical interpretation.

  1. The Four Senses of Scripture

An introduction to the Catechism’s treatment of the Catholic tradition of interpreting the Bible through looking at the literal, the allegorical, the moral and the anagogical sense.


  1. The Question of Authority

The biblical foundation of apostolic authority is reviewed and the differences between Catholic and Protestant approaches to authority are covered.

  1. Typology

This video looks at the meaning of biblical typology through the lens of the Emmaus story in Luke’s Gospel. in this story, Jesus himself gives us this technique for interpreting Scripture. Examples of typology are introduced.

  1. Lectionary

The video shares a brief explanation of the Sunday readings contained in the lectionary. Dr, Brant Pitre explains what the lectionary is and how it’s organized. This is a starting point for showing the relationship between Scripture and Liturgy.

  1. The Bible and the Mass

The relationship between the Mass and the Bible are discussed. Students will see that ultimately the Scriptures are for the sake of liturgy in both Old and New Covenants.



10. The Liturgy of the Word

The role of Scripture in Catholic worship is examined.


    11.  Lectio Divina

In this video, Fr. Josh Johnson teaches us how to read Scripture prayerfully and come away with something we can do to improve our faith in God. He demonstrates how lectio divina is a helpful guide in our walk toward eternity.

12. Marital Imagery in Scripture

Dr. John Bergsma covers the marital imagery throughout the Bible that begins in the Garden of Eden and ends in the Wedding Feast of Revelation.

   13. Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation is probably the most misunderstood and confusing books in the Bible. Bishop Robert Barron offers a Catholic approach to understanding the last book of the Bible.

 14. Books Not in the Bible

This video gives an overview of the criteria for choosing the canon of Scripture and the Catholic reasons why some books are not part of the official canon.




Elective Option B: History of the Catholic Church

The History of the Catholic Church


Video Title and Description

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  1. Pentecost

In this video Pentecost is discussed as a historical, biblical event. It also covers the liturgical meaning of Pentecost.


  1. Peter and Paul and the Spread of Christianity

The Khan Academy gives a fair representation of the importance of Peter and Paul to the missionary efforts of the Church. It details the journeys of Paul from the scriptural account given in Acts of the Apostles.

  1. Peter and the Rock of the Church and Key-bearer

The defining moment for Peter as the foundation for the Church is shown in a cinematic context. The dialogue is true to Matthew 16: 13-20.

  1. The Fathers of the Church

The ‘Fathers of the Church’ are introduced in this video. The early centuries (100AD-800AD) of the Church had teachers who wrote down their teachings. These writings help to form the Deposit of Faith.



  1. Doctors of the Church: St. Athanasius

Scholars give a 30-minute overview of the life and teachings of St. Athanasius the defender of Christological orthodoxy against the Arian heresy.

  1. Christianity in the Roman Empire

The Khan Academy gives an accurate and fair presentation on the spread of Christianity before and after the rise and fall of Constantine.

  1. Pope Leo the Great and Fall of Roman Empire

Pope Leo the Great is known for facing Attila the Hun during the Fall of the Roman Empire. He talked him out of sacking Rome. This video covers that story as well as the many other reasons Pope Leo was great.

  1. The Christian Dark Ages?

This video exposes the myths that Christianity caused the Dark Ages. It recovers the truth behind the Church’s contribution to scientific advancement.


  1. Dark Ages: How Dark Were the Dark Ages?

Catholic Professor Anthony Esolen gives a compelling account of the rich cultural, political and scientific contributions during the ‘Dark Ages’. He dispels many misconceptions about the Dark Ages and the Church of that period.

 10. The Franciscans

Everyone knows the big Franciscan names: Francis, Clare, Anthony, and Padre Pio. But the Franciscan family actually has more than 170 saints! Here are seven more you should know.


 11. Reformation and the Council of Trent

The importance and meaning of both the Reformation and the Council of Trent are discussed in this video. Bishop Robert Barron gives a balanced and thoughtful treatment of this critical time in the life of the Church.

 12. Doctors of the Church

One by one the Doctors of the Church are given a biological sketch in this video. The importance of each Doctor in the times that they lived is also examined.

 13. The Second Vatican Council

This video helps to clarify the reasons for Council and its meaning, intention and purpose. The video gives a balanced view of the Council by recalling the important documents that it produced.

 14. Pope John Paul II

In this hour long biography the life and papacy of Pope John Paul II are examined. It makes the case for pope John Paul II’s enduring legacy as the pope who shaped the post-Vatican II Church.

  15. Five Ancient Heresies Alive Today

Heretical movements were all the rage in the early Church, but that doesn't mean they've completely gone away. This video shares five heresies still being lived and professed today.







Elective Option C: Living as Disciples of Jesus in Society

Foundations of Catholic Social Teaching


Video Title and Description

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 1. Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching

This short video provides an excellent introduction the seven principles of Catholic social teaching by giving examples of how they relate to our society today.

  2. The Natural Family Foundation for Social Justice

This video covers family strength and family cohesion as a foundation for social justice. Children have a right to have a stable, loving and natural family structure. The poverty of not having a mother or father is discussed.

3. Created in the Image and Likeness of God

What does it mean to say we are created in the Image and likeness of God? This video discusses the meaning and  implications of this foundational teaching.


4. Why Catholic Care about the Poor

By emphasizing the preferential option for the poor, this video introduces the sense of duty that Catholics have to advocate and serve the poor in our own communities. Pope Benedict XVI is featured as an advocate of Catholic social teaching.

   5. Service to the Poor: A Friar Life

In San Francisco, the St. Anthony Foundation thousands of people per day in various ways. Behind the foundation are chaplains like Br. Dick “DT” Tandy, OFM who are profiled in this video, offering spiritual support to all in need.

  6. Food Waste a Story of Excess

In this thought provoking mini-documentary, the facts and statistics of everyday food waste are exposed.

This video serves as a reminder that we have an obligation to feed the hungry.


    7. Pope Francis on the Throwaway Culture

This is an introduction to one of Pope Francis’ themes for the sanctity of life. It features his call to reverse what he calls the “throw away culture.” Not only does materialism produce an indifference to things but it also leads to an indifference to human life.

  8. Freedom of Religion: Human Rights and God-given Rights

One of sacred rights of the United States of America is the freedom to worship and the free exercise of religion. This video points to this freedom and connects it to the Catholic social justice tradition of asserting that our fundamental rights are God-given, not man-made.

9. Rerum Novarum

Much of Catholic social teaching related to worker’s rights and property rights stem from the pivotal teachings of Pope Leo in his groundbreaking encyclical Rerum Novarum. This video gives an academic overview of each part of the document.


10. Subsidiarity

This very important and overlooked principle of Catholic social teaching is examined step by step and it culminates in reasons why subsidiarity matters to us today in everyday life.

11. Mother Teresa’s Nobel Acceptance Speech

The twentieth centuries’ most famous Catholic saint who gave her life to serving the poorest of the poor fearlessly exposes the cultural decadence and appalling abortion industry in the West. Mother Teresa offers a great model of speaking truth to power.


12. The Corporal Works of Mercy

Dr. Brad Pitre examines the biblical meaning of Matthew 25. He covers each of the corporal acts of mercy and places them in a context of everyday Catholic life.

13. Why Doesn’t the Church Give Away Her Riches?

In this brief video, Bishop Robert Barron responds to a common question that many ask. He puts the question in perspective by giving a reasonable answer.

14. Pope Francis and Catholic Social Teachings

In this video Pope Francis’ pontificate is examined in the light of his commitment and preaching related to catholic Social teachings. Bishop Barron gives clarity to the meaning of Pope Francis’ teaching on the Throw Away Culture as it stands in the long tradition of Catholic Social thought.





Elective Option D: Responding to the Call of Jesus Christ

Your Christian Vocation


Video Title and Description

URL Video Link

1. Caravaggio: The Calling of St. Matthew

This is a study of the famous scene painted by Caravaggio and taken from the Gospel of Matthew recounts the calling of Matthew, a tax collector, to become an Apostle and great Evangelist.


 2. Follow Me: Journeys to Priesthood

All Catholics share in the importance of the call to the priesthood. This video shares why this is true.


 3. Discernment, Formation and the Church in the Modern World

Brother Casey Cole OFM shares his vocation story. He discusses the point where a person does a self-reflection of who they are and what they want to be in God's eyes. He also shares what is like when a person is caught between being a sinner and a saint.


4. A Day in the Life of a Capuchin Novitiate

This is a short, homemade documentary of one day at the Capuchin novitiate in Santa Ynez, CA. Each step from morning to evening is detailed.


5. What’s the Difference Between Friars, Monks and Jedi?

Franciscan friars are often confused for monks and sometimes even called Jedi. This video explains the designation and the differences among those who wear brown robes.



6. Matt Fradd: Who Has the Best Religious Habit?

This unusual look at religious life by comparing and evaluating the clothing that each order or community wears is entertaining and informative.

7. Franciscan Friars of Renewal: Rap and Ball Out

The youth and vitality of the Franciscans of the Renewal is on display in this video.


8. Fr. Emil Kapaun

The compelling story of Army chaplain Fr. Emil Kapaun, a military chaplain in the Korean War, is shared.

9. Women in the Church

This video highlights the critical role women have played in spreading the Gospel message through their personal witness as well as how the role of women has changed over time.



10. USCCB: Sexual Complementarity and Vocation of Marriage

This video teaches the biological and theological truth that men and women are called to be together as husband and wife and as father and mother.


11. Reflections on the “Child Free Life”

In this video, Bishop Robert Barron touches on a current trend to downplay the gift of children among married couples. It exposes the faulty thinking of many who start out their married lives with the intention of excluding children.


12. Missionary Families

This Rome Reports video shares how many families receive a papal blessing to be missionaries around the world. They are called to evangelize and witness to the Gospel as a family unit. The video points out how these families are living the universal call to holiness.


 13. Living Catholic Family Life Debt Free

This video overturns the general assumption that having many kids will lead to economic distress and poverty. It also gives an example of good stewardship over one’s resources.


14. My Christmas Eve: Trooper Sue McKay

God has a plan for each of our lives. Sometimes one’s vocation is wrapped up in their work. This video shows how God can use the work we do to accomplish his will for us and others.




Elective Option E: Ecumenical and Interreligious Issues

Exploring the Religions of Our World

Video Title and Description

URL Video Link

1. How to Compare World Religions

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen gives St. Paul’s example of proclaiming Christ as  ‘the unknown God’ and finding good in other religions as a model for doing comparative religion. He urges the viewer to use reason to discern truth in religion.

 2. Nostra Aetate  Fiftieth Anniversary

In 1965 the Second Vatican Council approved Nostra Aetate, the historic document that reformed the Catholic Church's relationship with other religions. The declaration paved the way for interfaith dialogue and rejection of antisemitism.

3. Do All Good People Go to Heaven?

This video serves as a counter to the problem of religious indifferentism into which many studies or comparative religion devolve. Fr. Mike Schmitz, in his charismatic way, covers this touchy subject with grace and truth.

4. Common Views of God

We are religious beings by nature and by design. Everyone has a view about God or a Supreme Being that he or she brings to their worldview. Bishop Robert Barron examines many common ways people describe God. He ends with a look at the God of the Bible.

 5. Christianity, Judaism and Islam

This is a detailed examination of the three Abrahamic and monotheistic faiths. It covers both similarities and differences from a Catholic point of view.



 6. Non-Catholic Q and A with Bishop Barron

This video with Bishop Robert Barron demonstrates that Catholics are open to dialogue and exploration avenues toward truth. Many misconceptions about the Catholic faith are clarified.

7. How Five World Religions Spread around the World Over Time

A compelling visual of how five religions developed in both time and geography.

8. A Catholic Bishop and a Jewish Rabbi Discuss Religion

A smart and thought provoking dialogue between a Catholic bishop and a Jewish rabbi shows that we can have healthy debates in pursuit of truth while at the same time respecting each other.


9. Pope Francis Visits Islamic Mosque in Rome

This video demonstrates the Catholic approach to non-Christians is one of respect and friendship.

10. Pope Francis Visits Synagogue in Rome

This video shares a respectful visit by Pope Francis to a local synagogue near the Vatican.

11. Hinduism and Buddhism

This video is a fair and accurate representation of two of the main the Eastern faith traditions. It takes an academic approach.