Ave Maria Press recently hosted its Fourth Annual Teacher Enrichment Day at Notre Dame. The teachers in attendance participated in a lesson plan exchange. Periodically we will be highlighting some of those lessons on the Engaging Faith blog.

As an opening activity to any lesson, call out the name of several topics. Ask the students two write down three of something for each of the following. The students can write on paper or on “sticky notes” that they can place on a wall or board for everyone to see.

Possible Topics
Holy Days of Obligation
Books in the Old Testament
Books in the New Testament (besides the Gospels)
Liturgical Seasons
Miracles of Jesus
Female Saints
Male Saints
Parables of Jesus
Stations of the Cross
Liturgical Colors
Feast Days of Mary
The number “3” that has a religious meaning (e.g., Magi, Trinity, etc.)
The number 12

Use your imagination fo come up with other topics!

To add to the lesson, consider sharing with the students some of the Christian symbolism associated with various numbers.

The lesson was prepared by Mary Freeland of Seton Catholic High School in Richmond, Indiana.