Here’s a short presentation you can share with teens to help them think about some things they can do about sin in their lives. Tell them some things that people already do about sin. Write the boldface words on a board or chart as you give this presentation.


First, you could do nothing. You may admit to areas of sinfulness in your life but not make a resolution to do anything about them. This non-action usually has a serious consequence: not only will the sin not go away, it will probably get worse.

You could resolve to do something about the sin—tomorrow. For example, you could say “Ill go to Mass when I get my own car” or “I will stop listening to gossip when I quit hanging out with the same group.” You probably already know that tomorrow never comes.

You could seriously resolve to do something about that sin now, or the very next time the temptation comes along. Perhaps this is what you did as you reflected over your examination of conscience questions.

You could talk to God about the problem. You could ask god to help you with your resolution to change. This is something you did in your letter. But you may wonder how you can be sure of God’s answer.

You could also talk to someone who would understand our problem, who would give you guidance on how to overcome the habit of sin you are concerned about. Reflect for a moment on who that “someone” would be for you.

Or, you could combine the last three steps (underline: seriously resolve, talk to God, talk to someone) in the Sacrament of Penance. Have you ever thought of the Sacrament of Penance in this way?

At the end of the presentation, reserve some time to review the Sacrament of Penance and “how to go to Confession”