Friday, November 20, is the twentieth anniversary of the first World Day of Prayer and Action for Children. It is a day to “bring together people of religion and goodwill to safeguard the integrity, rights, and dignity of children and promote their well-being.”  Along with Pope Benedict XVI, commemorate the day with your class by praying with your class on behalf of suffering children worldwide. Recall the words of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta:
Children long for somebody
     to accept them
     to love them
     to praise them
     to be proud of them.

If they do not have this, they will go to the streets where there are plenty of people ready to accept them. The child can be lost. Much hatred and destruction is caused when a child is lost.

Like Our Lady and St. Joseph we must go and search for the child. When Jesus was lost they went and search. They did not sit and wait. They did not rest until they found him.

We must bring the child back, make the child feel wanted.

Without the child there is no hope.