Weren’t able to attend the March for Life rally in Washington DC this year? Why not show your class some of the news coverage of the rally today? Here are some options:

Solemn Mass for Life – 7:30am ET
March for Life – 11:00am ET (replayed at 10:00pm ET)
Walk for Life – 1pm ET

Mass for Life – 11am ET (rebroadcast at 8:30pm ET)
Youth Rally – 4:30pm ET (rebroadcast at noon on Saturday)

You may also consider showing some March for Life Photos:

2010 Photos
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Or last year’s pictures:
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For more information about March for Life, visit: http://www.marchforlife.org/

Schedule: http://www.marchforlife.org/images/2010/mfl37agenda.pdf

Start your class by writing the theme of this year’s March for Life Rally:

Stand Up Now! Unite for the Life Principles—No Exception! No Compromise!

Have students journal about the meaning of the theme and what it means to them. As a class discuss what this theme is hoping to inspire in us. What are the life principles it mentions? How will you live this out?