MBS Direct Digital is no longer available. 

At Ave Maria Press we have seen a lot of growth in the PDF Site License program in the last two years. Some schools, however, would prefer not to enter into a contractual agreement to obtain Ave Maria Press eTextbooks. In addition to offering some eTextbooks in the iBooks iPad app, all Ave Maria Press textbooks are available as eTextbooks through Direct Digital at the Ave Maria Press Digital Textbooks shop site.

Student, parents, teachers, and schools can purchase eTextbooks directly at http://avemariapress.digitaltextbooks.com and access their content on a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android device.



Shop for Ave Maria Press Direct Digital Textbooks at $12.99.


Go to the Ave Maria Press Digital Textbooks Shop Site

Here is why we are excited about the Direct Digital eTextbook solution:

  • Students and teachers can purchase eTextbooks without a PDF Site License.
  • Direct Digital eTextbooks are device agnostic. You can access your book with an iPad, iPhone, Android device, PC, or Mac.
  • The Direct Digital eReader allows you to switch from digital text to the original design of the textbook.
  • With the Direct Digital eReader, you can highlight, take notes, search, bookmark, and jump to various pages in the textbok.
  • Notes, bookmarks, and highlights can be synced in the cloud to be accessed on other devices.
  • The textbooks can be downloaded to your device just in case you lose access to the Internet.

For a full list of benefits, visit the MBS Direct Digital website.

This is the first year of the Direct Digital program, and we are excited about the possibilities. Many MBS schools are already using the Direct Digital solution in their schools. These MBS schools can purchase these books through their school eCommerce stores or at the Ave Maria Press Digital Textbooks shop site at http://avemariapress.digitaltextbooks.com.