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We want to make earning 30% back as easy and as simple as possible.

Use these resources to start sharing your affiliate code with your community.

FREE Images for Sharing
  • Email: Share these images to your email list and be sure to include your unique code. 
  • Flyer: Download the flyer. Add your special affiliate code. Share with your community in the parish bulletin or weekly communication with school and parish families.
  • Facebook and Twitter: Share the image to your social and be sure to include your unique code. Encourage your followers to shop with this code to help you earn 30% back.
  • Instagram: Share the image to your Stories with a swipe up to your unique code to shop with.
  • Remember, when your community shops with your unique code, YOU earn 30% back and THEY get free shipping on their order. It's a win-win!

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How to Promote the Fundraiser

This fundraiser requires little-to-no effort on your part other than encouraging people to shop and reminding them to use your code. You can do this in your parish bulletin, weekly announcements, via email, and social media posts. Not only will you earn 30% of the proceeds, but you will know that you are feeding their faith and nourishing their soul at the same time. 


Here are a few text templates to help you get started:


Parish Bulletin Announcement:
Help our parish earn money! Shop for Catholic books and resources online at with our unique code XXXX and we'll earn 30% of the proceeds on each purchase (and you'll get FREE SHIPPING!). Ave Maria Press is a non-profit Catholic book publisher serving the mission of helping people know, love, and serve God.

Shop now through May 31, 2021, for gifts for graduations, Easter, Mother's Day, 1st Communion, or a personal read to help encourage your faith. Be sure to use our code, XXXX, at checkout! 


Email Announcement: 

Dear _______,

We're happy to announce a simple and easy fundraiser that can help our (parish, school, or group) during these difficult times. Ave Maria Press, a non-profit Catholic book publisher, is offering a give-back program. All you have to do is shop their site from the safety of your home with our special code, and we will receive 30% back to our (parish, school, group). 

Ave Maria Press publishes a wide range of spirituality books for women and men, moms and dads, youth and young adults, and all those seeking to grow in their faith. There are gift books, books on prayer, history, scripture, and Marian devotion too. 

As you prepare for Easter, graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day, summer reading, and the next school year, check out the book selections at Not only are you gifting your loved ones with books for inspiration and growth, but you are helping us during these lean financial times. And, all the books you purchase ship FREE. How can it get any better? 

Thank you in advance for your generosity and help with this fundraising opportunity.



Social Media Announcement:

Facebook: Have you started shopping for Easter, graduation gifts, Mother's Day, teacher gifts, or summer reading books? Would you like to help our (parish, school, group) by shopping from the safety of your home? 

We are excited to announce a fundraiser that will help us and you! You shop Catholic spirituality books at with our special code XXXXXX. The books will ship to your house for FREE, and we'll get 30% back!


Twitter: Help our (parish, school, group) by shopping for Easter, graduations, teacher gifts, Mother's Day, and summer reading books! You shop at and Ave Maria Press will give 30% back to our (parish, school, group). You won't even have to pay for shipping. It's a win, win! Use code XXXX and shop at


Instagram: Do you want to help our (parish, school, group) during these challenging financial times? Ave Maria Press is offering a give-back program. You shop from the SAFETY of your home and we get back 30% of what is purchased to our (parish, school, group). Check out the selection of inspiring spirituality books for mom, dad, husband, wife, grandparents, children, and friends. Shop and give back to your community at the same time. Be sure to use our code XXXX when shopping at


Website Announcement: 

Have you heard about the give-back program we are participating in? Ave Maria Press, a non-profit Catholic publisher, will give our (parish, school, group) 30% of the proceeds from each purchase. You shop and we benefit! Please consider shopping at for your Easter gifts and stock up on books for birthdays, graduations, and other sacramental celebrations and holidays. It's SIMPLE and SAFE and you get FREE SHIPPING! Use our code XXXX at checkout at Please share this code with your friends and family too.


Don't see what you need here? Reach out to us for specific image sizes or for additional help spreading the word.