On Tuesday, November 18, 2014, social media will be exploding with uplifting stories of people who are embracing the “grace of yes”! 

The Grace of Yes Day is inspired by Lisa Hendey's latest book, The Grace of Yes, which offers a guide through eight virtues that can help anyone to say “yes” to God. 

Interested in participating? Here is how: 

How to Participate in the Grace of Yes Day 

Participating in the Grace of Yes Day is simple: just share a post on social media about how you or someone you know said yes to God on Tuesday, November 18, 2014. Use the hashtag #graceofyes to share your story with other participants. 

Have fun with the post by printing out and taking a picture with one of these Grace of Yes Day signs: 

What are some ways you can say yes to God? 

  • Give to a charity. 
  • Being extra generous with your time. 
  • Help someone in need. 
  • Sharing your creativity with others. 
  • Saying no so you can say yes. 

Other Ways to Participate 

1. Update your social media profile photos with The Grace of Yes images: Facebook profile, Twitter profile

2. Update your social media cover photos with The Grace of Yes images: Facebook cover photo, Twitter header photo

3. Ask a friend: “Did you say yes to God today?” 

Are you a blogger? 

We are recruiting Catholic bloggers to join in this event as well. Click here to get content ideas, images, and other resources for the #graceofyes day! 

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The Grace of Yes

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