About the Congregation of Holy Cross

Ave Maria Press is a ministry of the United States Province of the Congregation of Holy Cross, a religious order of priests and brothers founded in 1837 by Blessed Basile Anthony Moreau (1799–1873) in the small French town of Sainte-Croix (Holy Cross). This group of brothers and auxiliary priests was ready to serve local churches in education-related tasks as the Church rebuilt following the French Revolution. Within a few years, the missionary spirit of their founder and the zeal of these men to make God known, loved, and served prompted them to go far beyond the borders of France.

As a ministry of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Ave Maria Press is dedicated to the vision and mission of its founder. With the members of Holy Cross, in the words of its Constitutions, we seek to be "educators in the faith," we strive to "minister to the pastoral and educational needs" of the Church, and we work to help others "discover the deepest longing in their lives."