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Notre Dame Professor and Theologian Lawrence S. Cunningham to Appear as Guest on Sirius XM's Book Radio

December 9, 2010

Tune in Sunday, December 12th at 8 p.m. EST to Sirius XM's Pia Lindstrom Presents to hear theologian and beloved University of Notre Dame professor Lawrence S. Cunningham reflect on two decades of teaching theology and spirituality to students.

For most of his professional life, University of Notre Dame professor Lawrence Cunningham has kept notebooks filled with memories, ideas, and reflections on the things that captured his attention in a given day. Now, for the first time, Cunningham has selected and compiled notes from his many volumes to create a book that Brian Doyle, editor of Portland Magazine, calls " as entertaining, and piercing, a spiritual book as I have read in years." Things Seen and Unseen is a window into the mind and heart of an exceptional theologian reveals insightful, spirited, and often wickedly funny commentary on the messy, comic, tragic, and ultimately beautiful realities of the diverse landscape of contemporary Catholicism.

About Lawrence S. Cunningham

Lawrence S. Cunningham is the John A. O'Brien Emeritus Professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame. A leading US scholar and award-winning professor, Cunningham is best known for his work in the areas of systematic theology and culture, Catholic spirituality, and Catholic saints.

Cunningham has edited or written over twenty-five books and is the Christianity editor of the forthcoming Norton Anthology of World Religions. His most recent books are Things Seen and Unseen and An Introduction to Catholicism. Cunningham has won three Catholic Press Association awards for religious writing and has been the “Booknotes” columnist for Commonweal for over ten years.

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