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Notre Dame Prayer Book Offers Inspiring Prayers for All Occasions

September 3, 2010

Experience the vibrant Catholic spirituality of the University of Notre Dame and the sacred spaces of its beloved campus with this rich collection of traditional and contemporary prayers for every occasion. Arranged around twelve iconic places on campus—including the Grotto, the Basilica, the lakes, and the hallowed Notre Dame Stadium—this treasury will inspire and refresh the worldwide network of alumni, legendary “subway alumni,” and friends of the university for whom Notre Dame is a unique place of prayer.

As eloquently stated in the foreword by Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., this sumptuous collection “reminds us of our many and always-beautiful opportunities for prayers at Notre Dame.” In this book, readers are provided with everyday prayers, ranging from the birth of a child to a sleepless night, as well as prayers focused on thanksgiving, intention, examination, contrition, and hope.

Also included are many prayers from the Catholic tradition, including prayers of the saints. In addition, there are a number of prayers and reflections by some of the best loved members of the Notre Dame family, including Lou Holtz, Fr. “Monk” Malloy, Carol Ann Mooney, and Lawrence Cunningham. These reflections offer personal testimony to the power of prayer and demonstrate practical ways to use the prayer forms that are part of a respected Catholic heritage.

In addition to prayers, The Notre Dame Book of Prayer contains striking photographs by Matt Cashore of the beautiful and prayerful spaces on campus, which provide reflective complements to the prayers themselves. With its wonderful variety of reflections, The Notre Dame Book of Prayer is the perfect gift for graduates, alumni, and everyone who appreciates the prayerful spirit of Notre Dame. Publication Date: September 2010

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