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Justin Fatica to Appear on EWTN Bookmark

April 5, 2011

Tune in to EWTN starting Sunday, April 17th to see Catholic Evangelist Justin Fatica discuss his most recent book, Win it All with EWTN Bookmark host Doug Keck. The program will air several times during the week of April 17th and will be viewable online after the first show has aired.


April 17th Sunday 9:30am and 11:30pm
April 18th Monday 5:00am
April 20th Wednesday 5:30pm

Join Doug Keck as he interviews Fatica, a renowned Catholic evangelist, founder of Hard as Nails Ministry, and focus of the HBO documentary Hard as Nails.

In Fatica's newest book, Win It All, Fatica draws on his own faith journey, as well as experiences from the lives of his friends, to illustrate the steps toward living a God-centered life. Each of Fatica’s steps to winning it all is explained through a clear lesson based on scripture, Church teachings, and the lives of inspiring Christians. The steps :

• Recognize Your Importance
• Discover Your Mission in Life
• Make Your Mess Your Message
• Keep Your Passion
• Remain Fearless
• Commit to Loving
• Never Give Up
• Live Every Day as If It Were Your Last

About Justin Fatica

Justin Fatica is the cofounder of Hard as Nails Ministries, a ministry that has impacted millions across the globe. In 2007, Hard as Nails Ministry was the subject of an HBO documentary that allowed the world to know Fatica as an intense, passionate, and genuine minister. Fatica has been featured on Good Morning America, ABC Nightline, Sirius Radio and several other multimedia outlets.

Fatica also cofounded The Stand, an organization that coaches business professionals in effective communication. He works as a sports team motivator with several groups, including the Syracuse men's basketball team. In 2009, Doubleday published Fatica's first book, Hard as Nails, a chronicle of his life and ministry. He holds an MA in Education from Seton Hall University and currently lives in Syracuse, New York, with his wife Mary and their three children.

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