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Alborghetti Offers Readers a Spirituality of Service for Everyday Life

June 14, 2011

Notre Dame, IN—In her new book, A Willing Heart, bestselling author Marci Alborghetti explains how the trauma of a home robbery became the catalyst for a renewed vision of Christian service. Alborghetti shows readers how they too can incorporate service into their chaotic and busy lives in ways that are both rewarding and manageable. Alborghetti uses anecdotes from her own life and the lives of saints such as St. Paul and St. Francis of Assisi, combined with meditations on service, excerpts from psalms, and practical tips, to guide readers into a spirituality of service for everyday life.

Alborghetti describes the process of healing and growth she went through after her apartment was robbed. She writes in the first chapter of her book, “I know now what I didn’t begin to understand then: God was leading me by the hand. Grace was at work.” Alborghetti decided to donate part of her insurance check to charity, and she refers to this experience as a wake-up call to Jesus’ message. Alborghetti writes of her hope , “I pray that through my rather ordinary journey and the sometimes extraordinary journey of those I’ve been blessed to know, as well as saints and other towering models of service, we can come to serve Jesus as much as we love him.”

A Willing Heart is the perfect guide for the person who feels overwhelmed by the problems of the world and struggles to find a balance between serving others and fulfilling the obligations of work, family, and daily life. Alborghetti suggests taking simple steps, such as making a charitable donation that matches the amount of tickets to a concert or writing to a service organization and thanking them for everything they do. Her book provides an ideal solution for those eager to emulate Christ’s model of selfless giving in small ways in all aspects of their lives.

About Marci Alborghetti

Marci Alborghetti is a Guideposts writer and the author of fourteen books published over the past decade, including the bestselling Prayer Power: How to Pray When You Think You Can't and The Christmas Glass. Alborghetti and her husband Charlie are active together in Christian service and have founded and facilitated several reading groups; most recently The Saint James Literary Club, a book group started at the Saint James Homeless Shelter in New London, Connecticut.

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