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Pope Francis Says Don’t Judge Gay People, Chicago Priest Shows How That Works in Churches

July 30, 2013

NOTRE DAME, IN—In yesterday’s in-flight press conference between Rio and Rome, Pope Francis surprised members of the media with his comments on gay Catholics, noting that "the tendency [to homosexuality] is not the problem" and adding: "Who am I to judge them if they're seeking the Lord in good faith?"

Still, how might this spirit of welcome work itself out in parishes? How can Catholics, especially those in pastoral roles, gain a robust understanding of Catholic teaching on homosexuality and extend themselves to their gay brothers and sisters, who often feel marginalized by the Catholic Church?

Fr. Louis Cameli, priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago, stresses that while the Church is a teacher, it must also be a learner. In his book, Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality, Cameli says "I think there are new things to be understood, new possibilities for the spiritual care of people who have same-sex attractions, and new ways to make the Church more hospitable."

Cameli employs a dialogical method that takes into account the concerns and positions of gay, lesbian, and queer theorists. He brings these concerns and positions into conversation with traditional Catholic teaching and also with a more expansive personalist and spiritual understanding of human sexuality as connecting, belonging, and giving life.

To interview Cameli, or to request review copies of his book, contact Amanda Skofstad.

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