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Author Spotlight: Bob Schuchts, Author of Be Healed

July 14, 2014

Dr. Bob Schuchts, the author of Be Healed, experienced inner healing through a transformative encounter with Christ that led him to found an organization that has touched the hearts of thousands more. In conjunction with week five of this summer's book of the week series, we checked in with Schuchts and asked him a few questions about his life, his ministry, and the need for inner healing in all of our lives. 

1. Tell us briefly about you and your ministry today.

I am a husband, father, and grandfather and a daily communicant.  My life is focused primarily around Jesus, Church, family, and ministry. I also enjoy sports, friendships, and walking.

Our ministry (John Paul II Healing Center) supports the Church in the New Evangelization by offering healing and training experiences to priests, seminarians, religious, lay leaders, and families. We offer conferences and resources to help facilitate transformation in the hearts of the people who in turn bring about transformation within the heart of the Church.

2. How did your passion for healing ministry begin?

My own encounter with the Holy Spirit on a retreat weekend (mentioned in Chapter 1 of Be Healed) was the initial catalyst. From there I experienced more healing for me and my family. These experiences ignited a passion within me for the healing of every person and family. I carry in my heart Jesus’ burning desire for the healing of everyone.

3. What was it about St. John Paul II’s life and teachings that inspired you to name your organization after him?

As a Catholic marriage and family therapist and teacher, I was first drawn to St. John Paul II’s teaching on marriage and family, especially the Theology of the Body. From there, I wanted to read everything he wrote as I encountered Jesus’ truth and wisdom through his writings. I then began to develop a deep love for JPII as a man and admired the way he lived the message of the gospel with such strength and grace. St. John Paul II foresaw this new springtime of renewal in the Church and inspired many to help facilitate it. As an organization we all felt inspired to live this message in our personal life and ministry.  

4. Why do we need healing?

We need healing because we are all broken from the effects of sin--our own and others. God created and redeemed us to become both holy and whole. We need the Holy Spirit to transform us in our individual lives, families, and communities. He is the source of our holiness and wholeness.

5. Even before the book was published, you led people through a Be Healed program called Healing the Whole Person. What kinds of impact have both the book and the program had on people’s lives?

I could tell story after story of people who were touched by the Holy Spirit in our conferences and through reading the book. People have been freed from habitual sins and have experienced healing in and areas of chronic woundedness. These healings have made a substantial difference in their lives. Whole families have been healed; one member of the family receives healing and then it has a ripple effect. Religious communities and seminaries have been deeply impacted as they go through these conferences, resulting in entirely new levels of openness, intimacy, and spiritual renewal. 

I have heard many stories of healing from those who have read the book. Several people told me that they cried through the first few chapters and didn’t know why, but that Jesus healed them as they read. I have had others tell me that they experienced the most cleansing confession of their life, or that the book inspired them to go to confession for the first time in decades. 

I could go on and on because it is such a joy to hear these encounters that people have with Jesus. I look at the conferences and the book as a way to invite people into an encounter with Jesus, and as everyone who encounters Him knows, our life can not be the same after that.

About Bob Schuchts

Bob Schuchts is the bestselling author of Be Healed and Be Transformed and the founder of the John Paul II Healing Center in Tallahassee, Florida.

After receiving his doctorate in family relations from Florida State University in 1981, Schuchts became a teacher and counselor. While in private practice, Schuchts also taught graduate and undergraduate courses at Florida State and Tallahassee Community College. Schuchts later served on faculty at the Theology of the Body Institute and at the Center for Biblical Studies, where he taught courses on healing, sexuality, and marriage. Schuchts also was a guest instructor for the Augustine Institute. He volunteered in parish ministry for more than thirty years.

He retired as a marriage and family therapist in December 2014.

Schuchts has two daughters and eight grandchildren. His wife, Margie, died in 2017.

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