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Author Spotlight: Bert Ghezzi, Author of The Heart of Catholicism

July 7, 2014

This week we sat down with bestselling author Bert Ghezzi to talk about his latest book, The Heart of Catholicism. Bert has written more than twenty books in his career and been the editor of many more. During this interview, he shares some insights into his story as a Catholic and a writer. He also gives us insight into how Catholic spiritual habits can be transformative for us today. 

This interview is a part of this summer's Book of the Week series. Get more resources for The Heart of Catholicism at

In this interview you will learn about: 

  • How Bert Ghezzi was led by the Holy Spirit to leave a profession as a college professor to become an editor and later writer of Catholic books. 
  • Bert's early years and involvement with the charismatic movement and how it influences his work today.  
  • The spiritual habits that all Catholics can practice in their daily lives. 
  • The importance of prayer, study, community, and service. 
  • How to make prayer a daily habit: the importance of establishing a time and place to pray. 
  • How to pray if you're just getting started. 
  • How to commit yourself daily to the Lord. 
  • The value of going to daily Mass. 
  • The five steps to effective evangelization. 
  • The great hope we can have for the Church's future. 

Quotes and Highlights: 

  • "Faith is caught more than taught." 
  • On making a daily commitment to the Lord: "Once they start doing it, it will catch on." 
  • On prayer: "Do you try to have breakfast? Do you try to have lunch? Do you try to have dinner? You can't just try, you have to do it." 
  • On evangelization: "Prayer, affection and love, service, invitation, and conversation. Those are the activities that you do in a way that is non-threatening to people who are away or inactive from the Church." 


  • Interview with Bert Ghezzi, author of The Heart of Catholicism

About Bert Ghezzi

A popular Catholic author and speaker, Bert Ghezzi has written twenty-six books, including The Heart of Catholicism, Voices of the Saints, Mystics and Miracles, and Prayers to the Holy Spirit. Hundreds of his articles have appeared in the religious press.

Ghezzi has been involved in religious education for more than forty years. He has served as a leader and teacher in several Catholic renewal movements and has spoken at numerous educational and renewal conferences throughout the United States and Canada. He appears frequently as a guest on EWTN, which also features his television series Signs of Our Times. Ghezzi is often interviewed on Catholic radio and his two-minute spots on saints play regularly on EWTN radio.

After receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame, Ghezzi worked for seven years as a professor at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. He has served as a senior editor for five publishing companies since 1975 and now works as an acquisitions editor for Our Sunday Visitor’s book division.

Bert and Mary Lou, his wife of fifty years, have seven children and sixteen grandchildren. The Ghezzis live in Winter Park, Florida. You can read Ghezzi’s blog at

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