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Reconnect with Your Faith This Season with Daily Devotions for Advent 2015

October 9, 2015

Sr. Terry Rickard, O.P., is executive director of RENEW International and author of Daily Devotions for Advent 2015, the newest seasonal reflecting book in the Living Gospel series. We asked her to reflect on the new book and how people can be spiritually renewed during the Advent season.

Ave Maria Press: What makes Daily Devotions for Advent 2015 unique?

Sr. Terry Rickard: I imagined this book as a personal conversation with the reader: one person of faith speaking with another. I tried to weave my real-life faith experiences and observations with the Word of God in a way that would resonate with busy Catholics in today’s world.

Q: How does Daily Devotions for Advent fit into the mission and ministry of RENEW International?

A: The heart of what we do at RENEW is help people connect their faith with everyday life and ultimately to be comfortable sharing their faith with others. This daily reflection format is a wonderful tool for making those connections.

Q: How does Daily Devotions help with spiritual renewal during the Advent season?

A: During this busy season filled with shopping and family obligations, I am happy to help people find a doable and simple way to set aside quiet prayerful time.

Q: How would you recommend people fit prayer into their busy lives?

A: Praying first thing in the morning works best for me, before the demands of my professional ministry and community life begin. However, others might find quiet time at the end of the day. The most important thing is to find 15 minutes that you can commit to.

QL Anything else you think would be helpful to readers?

A: Hopefully, as people read and reflect on how I perceived God at work in my life, they too will be able to find God in the ordinary experiences of their own lives. 

Bonus Interview from the World Meeting of Families 

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