When Chaunie Marie Brusie stared down at the two tell-tale lines on the pregnancy test, she knew her life had changed forever. As she puts it:

“I was twenty-one, unmarried, a student in my senior year of college, and still taking my laundry home to my parents every weekend. The question of ‘What if I’m pregnant?’ quickly became ‘What the heck am I going to do now?’”

As Brusie navigated her way forward, she learned that while many resources exist for teens facing unexpected pregnancies, there were surprisingly few for women in their twenties—the age range in which most abortions take place. She set out to advocate for better support systems at her college and became a pro-life advocate and speaker for Feminists for Life.

For the millions of young women who each year find themselves unexpectedly pregnant, Tiny Blue Lines offers a map for navigating the murky waters of becoming a young mom, perhaps a single parent, and an aspiring professional. With humor and candor, Brusie offers the benefit of her experience for answering tough questions and learning how to process the experience of unplanned pregnancy in healthy ways. She explores such topics as:

• How to Tell Your Parents • Things to Consider before You Tie the Knot • Navigating Your Feelings of Guilt • How to Deal with Rude People • Being a Student and a Mom • What No One Tells You about Unplanned Pregnancy

Brusie reminds readers that their plight is near to the heart of Mary and that there is healing to be found in Catholic practices like the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Brusie provides lists, resources, humor, anecdotes, and spiritual inspiration to help women gracefully navigate this challenging terrain.