Christine Valters Paintner, online Abbess for virtual monastery Abbey of the Arts, is on a blog tour to celebrate the release of her newest book, Eyes of the Heart. Building on her book The Artist’s Rule, Paintner brings spiritual direction together with the creative arts in this exploration of photography as Christian contemplative practice—the combination of photography and prayer to cultivate sacred seeing or, as Paintner calls it, “seeing with the eyes of the heart.”

Follow along as blogs feature interviews, book giveaways, reviews of Eyes of the Heart, and guest posts by Paintner. Stops on the tour currently include:

April 22: Guest post for Tara Owens at Anam Cara

April 23: Review from Evelyn Jackson at Melanged Magic

April 24: Recorded interview with Louise Gallagher at A Year of Making a Difference and book giveaway with Tara Owens at Anam Cara

April 25: Review from J. Brent Bill at Holy Ordinary

April 26: Written interview with Tara Owens at Anam Cara

April 29: Guest post for Ronna Detrick at Ronna Detrick

April 30: Guest post for Brent Bill at Holy Ordinary

May 1: Guest post for Mary Ann Matthys at Consecrate the Day

May 2: Interview with Catherine Anderson at Listen for the Whisperings

May 3: Interview with Andy Gray at A Congruent Life

May 6: Guest post for Roy DeLeon at Praying with the Body and Expressive Prayer

May 7: Review from Peg Conway at Sense of the Faithful

May 8: Written interview with Lacy Ellman at A Sacred Journey

May 9: Review from Patricia Turner at A Photographic Sage

May 10: Review from Kate Kennington Steer at Shot at Ten Paces

May 13: Review from Christine Sine at GodSpace

May 14: Guest post for Patricia Turner at A Photographic Sage

May 15: Guest post for June Mears Driedger at June Mears Driedger

May 16: Video interview with Kim Ort at 365 Days of Inspiration

May 17: Written interview with Michael Landon at Always We Begin Again

May 20: Recorded interview with Dana Reynolds at Sacred Life Arts

May 22: Interview with Liz Rasmussen at Faith Squared

May 24: Review from Beth Fain at House of Grace

May 28: Interview with Stephanie West Allen at idealagw

May 29: Review from Annie Wright at Profoundly Superficial

May 30: Review from Mary Benton at Find the Hope

May 31: Review from Leanne Shawler at Provoking Beauty