Fr. Joshua Johnson and Sr. Josephine Garrett, C.S.F.N., are guests on Friday’s Ave Explores podcast. The two have a candid discussion with host Katie Prejean McGrady on their experiences as black Catholics, why racism is sinful, and how Catholics are called to advocate for change.

Johnson and Garrett define racism, prejudice, discrimination, and institutional racism. They also emphasize that saying “I don’t see color,” is not a good thing—we need to see color to identify who is participating in discussions and who is in a position of influence.

The two talk about their personal experience of discrimination. A parishioner once thanked Johnson for all that he was bringing to their church and then said, “but you better not bring the hood to our church!”

Johnson and Garrett also offer practical suggestions for every Catholic to help combat racism, especially expanding the image of holiness so that it reflects more than white people.

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