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Basil Moreau (Hardcover)

Basil Moreau (Hardcover)

Essential Writings 

Author: Blessed Basil Moreau

Edited by: Kevin Grove, C.S.C.

Edited by: Andrew Gawrych, C.S.C.

Foreword by: John C. Cavadini

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Format: Hardcover

Pages: 544

Trim size: 6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 978-0-87061-288-6

Imprint: Christian Classics

On-sale date: April 28, 2014

More History, Spirituality, Theology




This definitive introduction to the life and vision of Blessed Basil Moreau is the first book to gather together the essential spiritual, pastoral, and educational writings of the nineteenth-century French priest who founded the Congregation of Holy Cross, which is the religious order that founded the University of Notre Dame in 1842.

Basil Moreau: Essential Writings (Hardcover) is an anthology of all the important published and previously unpublished writings of Basil Moreau, who was beatified in 2007 by the Catholic Church. This anthology provides generous selections from Moreau’s sermons, pastoral letters, educational treatises, and spiritual reflections, which reveal a figure who was no stranger to difficulty and conflict but also a man deeply committed to a hope that can only emerge from Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection.

Meditation from Holy Cross Priest John DeRiso, C.S.C., on the Feast Day of Blessed Basil Moreau

Features & Benefits:

  • The editors are two Holy Cross priests whose previous books on Holy Cross spirituality have combined sales of 50,000 copies.
  • A foundational work for the thousands of Holy Cross priests, brothers, and sisters who teach in schools, minister in parishes, and serve as missionaries throughout the world.
  • A valuable introduction to the spiritual and educational vision of Basil Moreau for the hundreds of thousands of alumni and supporters of such Holy Cross institutions as the University of Notre Dame and the University of Portland.


"We can learn much from the inspiring example and writings of Blessed Basil Moreau."

“In this era of the New Evangelization, we can learn much from the inspiring example and writings of Blessed Basil Moreau, a holy priest who embraced with passionate zeal the mission of the new evangelization in nineteenth-century France, facing challenges not unlike our own. This wonderful collection of his writings provides rich material for spiritual reflection. Moreau’s spirituality, focused on the imitation of Christ, trust in divine providence, and hope in the victory of the cross, reveals to us the necessary foundation for all our evangelizing endeavors: prayer and friendship with Christ.”

Most Reverend Kevin C. Rhoades
Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend

"Much anticipated and brilliantly compiled."

“This much-anticipated and brilliantly compiled volume responds to the need for an English-language anthology of the writings of Blessed Basil Moreau, the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross. For students of history and religion, as well as for anyone seeking to understand and benefit personally from the profound spirituality of Father Moreau, this book is an absolute treasure.”

Most Reverend Charles J. Brown
Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland

"A wonderful introduction."

“Blessed Basil Moreau had a singular ability to address problems with a combination of intellectual acuity, spiritual wisdom, and practicality. His thoughts on Catholic education and the virtues of teachers are especially noteworthy. We would do well to reread them at the beginning of each academic year. Grove and Gawrych have assembled a wonderful introduction to the mind and character of the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross.”

John Garvey
The Catholic University of America

"Moreau’s spiritual vision is powerful, ongoing, edifying, and gritty."

“In their steady, non-intrusive editing and organization of Basil Moreau's key writings, Grove and Gawrych make tangibly near the wide-ranging and energetic thoughts of a man notable for his ability to live deeply into his own time yet beyond it.... In accessible and smooth translation, these essential writings reveal that Moreau’s spiritual vision is powerful, ongoing, edifying, and gritty, the contribution of a man whose consequences have remained anything but hidden over the ages, under the standard of the cross, to the greater glory of God.”

Robert Geisinger, S.J.
Procurator General, Society of Jesus
Professor of Canon Law, Pontifical Gregorian University

"An inestimable collection."

“By retrieving the words of their sainted founder, Basil Moreau, two young Holy Cross religious help us to understand the mind and heart of a man who provided (and still provides) the deep impetus that urges the Holy Cross family to proclaim the Cross as our only hope. This inestimable collection will help sustain the Congregation in its charism and give ample encouragement to those who share in its mission.”

Lawrence S. CunninghamJohn A. O'Brien Professor of Theology (Emeritus)
University of Notre Dame

"A rich bequest."

“These writings are a rich bequest to the Holy Cross family by Blessed Basil Moreau, who shared his vision and design of a Holy Cross education; urged the imitation of Christ as the way to know, love, and serve God; and lived the motto of Holy Cross as he accepted his own cross in his darkest hour and deepest anguish. Amidst chaos and during a time of religious persecution, Moreau showed how the passion and faith of one man brought God back into a world that had rejected him and into the new world that did not know him.”

Carolyn Y. Woo
President and CEO
Catholic Relief Services

"Highly recommended for study and spiritual reading."

Basil Moreau: Essential Writings is a much-needed addition to the corpus of contemporary Moreau scholarship.... This work can be highly recommended for study and spiritual reading to the religious of Holy Cross and their colleagues, and to all those seeking support and guidance along the pathways of their journey toward union with God."

Br. Joel Giallanza, C.S.C.
Author of Praying from the Heart of Holy Cross Spirituality

"Extremely valuable insights."

“This collection of the essential writings of Blessed Basil Moreau offers extremely valuable insights into the life of the remarkable founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, whose writings on education and evangelization are as valuable now as they were in the wake of the French Revolution and whose spiritual vision provides a meaningful path to a rich life in Christ.”

Rev. Thomas J. O'Hara, C.S.C.
Provincial Superior
Congregation of Holy Cross, United States Province of Priests and Brothers

"A superb and much-needed work."

“This superb and much-needed work makes accessible to us, in their historical and theological context, the writings of Blessed Basil Moreau, someone who has profoundly shaped the University of Notre Dame and many other educational institutions throughout the world, along with countless other good works—all of which exist because of his vision for the Congregation of Holy Cross.”

Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
The University of Notre Dame

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