Traveling Your Road to Joy

Traveling Your Road to Joy

Author: The Merton Institute for Contemplative Living

Edited by: Jonathan Montaldo

Edited by: Robert Toth

Price: $5.95

Format: Booklet

Pages: 64

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 978-1-59471-238-8

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

On-sale date: January 11, 2011

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In Traveling Your Road to Joy, participants examine joy in its innumerable facets. Joy is not a reward for our practice but is always a no-strings gift of the Holy Spirit, mediated through all the events of our lives. It is not a state of being, but the whole-hearted embrace of the divine presence.

Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton gently leads participants on a journey toward spiritual transformation and a more contemplative and peace-filled life. Each eight-session booklet provides an introduction to Merton and contemplative living through prayers, readings from Merton and other spiritual masters, and questions for small group dialogue.

Bridges to Contemplative Living Companion DVD

This companion DVD explains the process of contemplative dialogue and the flow of a Bridges Session as well as provides an introduction to contemplative living. To request a free copy, please send an email to Ave Maria Press and include your name, parish/organization, address, city, state, and zip code. (DVD mailed to U.S. addresses only.)

Bridges to Contemplative Living Series

One: Entering the School of Your Experience
Two: Becoming Who You Already Are
Three: Living Your Deepest Desires
Four: Discovering the Hidden Ground of Love
Five: Traveling Your Road to Joy
Six: Writing Yourself into the Book of Life
Seven: Adjusting Your Life's Vision
Eight: Seeing that Paradise Begins Now

Advent and Christmas
Lent and Holy Week

Companion DVD (Part 1)

Companion DVD (Part 2)