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Walking the Disciple's Path

Walking the Disciple's Path

Eight Steps That Will Change Your Life and the World 

Author: Linda Perrone Rooney

Price: $13.95

Format: Paperback

Pages: 160

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 978-1-59471-368-2

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

On-sale date: May 6, 2013

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Linda Perrone Rooney, experienced spiritual director and author of the popular Habits of the Soul, brings over forty years of experience in pastoral leadership to bear as she offers readers an eight-step plan to living as disciples, translating head-knowledge of Christ into everyday action in her book Walking the Disciple’s Path.

Walking the Disciple’s Path: Eight Steps That Will Change Your Life and the World challenges readers to live as disciples—actively putting into practice the values, behaviors, and teachings of Jesus. With exceptionally graceful prose, Rooney walks readers through the gospel, moving from understanding to transformation—from head to heart to action—combining the intellectual and spiritual “aha moments” that impel us to follow Christ more intentionally.

Rooney eloquently describes eight scripturally based steps that lead readers to a change of heart: surrender yourself daily, live as a blessing, overcome violence, give for the right reasons, pray like Jesus, see the good in others, offer compassion and healing, and live without fear.


"Positive, faith-filled, and mature Christianity."

“Why do we make the Gospel academic and distant when Jesus is so honest, warm, and real? Why do we make Jesus threatening when in life he was so inviting? Why do we make the message a moral contest instead of a mystical encounter? Well, this fine book will make none of those mistakes. Linda Rooney offers you positive, faith-filled, and mature Christianity.”

Richard Rohr, O.F.M.
Center for Action and Contemplation

"Inspires, challenges, and leads."

Walking the Disciple's Path inspires, challenges, and leads the reader through prayerful reflection on God’s word. This interactive work leads to transformation, not just of oneself, but of one’s surroundings.”

Most Reverend Robert F. Morneau
Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay

"A rich spiritual book that will nourish."

“Linda Rooney has created a rich spiritual book that will nourish the journey of those just beginning their spiritual walk as well as those who have been on the road for a while. The reader will find considerable substance woven in a variety of strands including life story, scripture, poetry, and imagery. Rooney’s methods will engage the reader’s heart and open it to a deeper understanding and experience of God’s gracious love and ongoing call.”

Maureen A. Kelly
Author of Christian Initiation

"I'd like to put it into the hands of anyone who ever doubted or desired greater faith."

“In Walking the Disciple's Path, Linda Rooney has provided us with a road map for the modern spiritual life. This book is loaded with practical advice and challenging principles, a step-by-step guide to understanding and growing in our intimacy with Christ. It reads like a ‘journal for the soul.’ I'd like to put it into the hands of anyone who ever doubted or desired greater faith.”

Bill Huebsch

"An excellent guide."

Walking the Disciple's Path provides an excellent guide for anyone attempting to discern how God is calling him or her as a disciple. Rooney breaks open familiar gospel passages in a way that helps the reader see the relationship of the passages to everyday, ordinary life. She assists the reader in developing a deeper, more personal relationship with their God and directs the disciple to ways of living this relationship. She helps our ‘hearts respond to our reflections’ in ways that lead to action.”

Loughlan Sofield, S.T.
Coauthor of Principled Ministry

"Invites us to reawaken our religious imagination."

“Woven in faith and love and rich with wit and wisdom, Walking the Disciple’s Path invites us to reawaken our religious imagination to explore the Gospels in deeper and more meaningful ways. Linda Rooney invites us into this experience with meditations, personal stories, thoughtful reflection questions, and creative rituals. Each of her eight steps challenge and inspire us to experience Jesus and his message as if for the first time. This is the perfect book for those seeking to embrace the Gospel message, but just don’t know where to begin.”

Gwen Costello
Author of Blessed Are You

"An invaluable must-read."

Walking the Disciple's Path is an invaluable must-read. Linda Rooney’s eight steps are practical, pastoral, and spiritually based—a godsend to those who are active in life and ministry and need specific suggestions to live an integrated life. Rooney roots her reflections in the stories of Jesus and those of ordinary people whom she has come to admire and love. She is a great storyteller, rich in imagery and imagination, encouraging her readers to claim the gospel dynamics—the good news of their own lives.”

Ed Sellner
Author of Finding the Monk Within

"An opportunity to look at our choices."

“Linda Rooney takes biblical passages, expands them, and challenges us to imagine what it was like then and what it means for us today. She gives us the opportunity to look at our choices, at what we hold in our hearts and what we do in our lives, and to consider how those choices align with our invitation to Love.”

Lynn Durham
Author of From Frazzled to Fantastic!