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Transformed by God’s Word

Transformed by God’s Word

Discovering the Power of Lectio and Visio Divina 

Author: Stephen J. Binz

Illustrated by: Kaspars Poikans

Illustrated by: Ruta Poikans

Price: $16.95

Format: Paperback

Pages: 224

Trim size: 6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 978-1-59471-651-5

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

On-sale date: February 5, 2016

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Bestselling author and biblical scholar Stephen J. Binz presents the first book to combine the ancient Western practice of lectio divina (sacred reading) with the lesser-known Eastern Orthodox tradition of visio divina (sacred seeing). Binz offers a life-changing way to pray through twenty gospel readings paired with beautiful, never-before-published contemporary icons.

St. Benedict urged his followers to listen to God’s Word “with the ear of the heart.” Eastern Orthodox spiritual writers focused on gazing at icons, as St. Paul said, with “the eyes of the heart.” Popular speaker and retreat leader Stephen J. Binz draws on the richness of both traditions by combining lectio and visio divina.

Contemplation is more difficult than ever during this digital age and Binz offers a proven and profound way to cut through the noise and pray the gospels. He walks you through six steps: reading, seeing, meditating, praying, contemplating, and acting. Binz also provides simple suggestions for self-reflection that can lead to practical changes in your everyday life.

The book’s twenty Bible passages—starting with the Annunciation and ending with Pentecost—are paired with full-color icons of each story. The original, never-before-published icons, written by Ruta and Kaspars Poikans, are displayed in the Unity Chapel at the Mary of Nazareth International Center in Israel.

Features & Benefits

  • Stephen J. Binz is the author of more than forty books with cumulative sales of more than 400,000.
  • This is the first book to combine the practices of lectio divina (sacred reading) and visio divina (sacred seeing).
  • The book features never-before-published icons created by Ruta and Kaspars Poikans for the Unity Chapel at the Mary of Nazareth International Center in Israel.


"Prepare to be blessed!"

"This skillful melding of lectio and visio divina helps the reader personally engage God’s Word and be shaped by its power. Prepare to be blessed!"

Sarah Christmyer
Codeveloper and author of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study Program

"Helps readers encounter Jesus Christ."

"Stephen Binz has artfully combined his scholarship and love of icons to create a book that helps readers encounter Jesus Christ and enter into the crucial scenes that narrate his life."

Cackie Upchurch
Director of the Little Rock Scripture Study

"Invites us toward wholeness and holiness."

"Skillfully uniting icons and scripture, Stephen Binz’s meditations invite us toward wholeness and holiness, to hear with the heart’s ear and see with the heart’s eye."

Aidan Hart
Author of Icons in the Modern World

"I highly recommend this book."

"As one who both practices and teaches visio divina, I highly recommend this book that beautifully links art, prayer, and the healing power of both."

Br. Mickey McGrath, O.S.F.S.
BeeStill Studios

The Ascension: Lectio and Vision Divina with Stephen J. Binz
Book Trailer: Transformed by God's Word

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The Ascension: Lectio and Vision Divina with Stephen J. Binz