Sacred Reading

Sacred Reading

The 2018 Guide to Daily Prayer 

Author: Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network

Author: Douglas Leonard

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This powerful and inspiring prayer book from the Apostleship of Prayer (The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network) engages readers with the daily scripture readings and introduces Catholics and other Christians to the traditional spiritual devotion known as the lectio divina, or "sacred reading," in a new way.

Led in your daily journey by the international pontifical prayer ministry, you’ll use an accessible, six-step process inspired by Ignatian spirituality that will enhance your reading of scripture and provide you with practical applications that will change your heart and enrich your prayer life by making it a natural part of your day.

Sacred Reading: The 2018 Guide to Daily Prayer guides you through the Church’s daily gospel readings, as well as readings for solemnities and feast days, asking you to

  • know that God is present;
  • read the gospel;
  • notice what you think and feel;
  • pray for yourself and others;
  • listen to Jesus; and
  • ask God to show you how to live today.

Beginning with the first Sunday in Advent and continuing through the entire Church year, this book is a catalyst for an intimate encounter with Christ by reading, reflecting, praying, and responding to the Word of God in a way that is both familiar and fresh.



"Sacred Reading offers a superb introduction to Ignatian prayer that anyone can use. Too often Ignatian prayer is seen as something reserved only for Jesuits, for people trained in the Spiritual Exercises, or for those who have time for a directed retreat. But this book, created by experts in the traditions of Ignatian prayer, helps the reader to encounter Jesus through short scripture passages, inviting questions, and accessible reflections. It's an innovative way to be invited, with gentle wisdom, into meeting Jesus in your prayer."

Rev. James Martin, S.J.
Author of Jesus: A Pilgrimage

"An indispensable resource."

"Sacred Reading is an indispensable resource in deepening your prayer and devotional life. Lectio divina will change how you see your relationships—with the Lord, with others, and with yourself. Highly recommended!"

Most Rev. David L. Ricken
Bishop of Green Bay

"An invaluable companion."

"Sacred Reading is an invaluable companion that cultivates the daily habit of praying with scripture. Learn about God, talk to him, listen to His special message for you, and rest in His presence using the engaging lectio divina format."

Lillian Moore
High school and adult faith formation catechist
St. Joseph Catholic Church
Honey Creek, Texas

"A friend in prayer."

"Sacred Reading has become a friend in prayer. I find the format particularly engaging as it inspires me to reflect on the Word of God in a prayerful, practical, and personal way."

Hilda Walter
Administrative assistant at Gesu Parish
University Heights, Ohio

"Deepen your prayer life."

"I encourage anyone looking to deepen their prayer life to spend time learning this ancient practice, and to come to know a God who dances freely in our imaginations if we will but go there with him."

Tim Muldoon
Author of The Discerning Parent

"Uncommonly useful tool."

"Communion with God increases dramatically as we grow in knowledge of God’s Word. For most people the problem is simply getting started: determining where to begin. A most ancient and venerable practice is lectio divina, scripture reading that is meditation and contemplation but also application. Sacred Reading is an uncommonly useful tool in really getting into scripture in just this way."

Rev. Michael White and Tom Corcoran
Authors of Rebuilt

"Clear and concise and yet filled with wisdom and promise."

"In just six simple steps, Sacred Reading opens our minds and hearts to scripture in refreshing and profound ways. The daily meditations are clear and concise and yet filled with wisdom and promise. Reading scripture daily is good; reading scripture daily with Sacred Reading as your guide is awesome."

Marge Fenelon
Author of Imitating Mary

"A fully-embodied experience."

"This guide through the gospel texts of the daily lectionary offers a fully-embodied experience that includes the mind, heart, imagination, desire, and behavior. This way of prayerfully reading the gospels as the Spirit-empowered Word of God shows us how to open our lives to be continually formed in Christ."

Stephen J. Binz
Speaker and author of Transformed by God’s Word

"A clear, helpful, and inspirational guide."

"In his apostolic exhortation The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis invites us to be people of prayer. Sacred Reading is an excellent aid in responding to that invitation. This book offers a clear, helpful, and inspirational guide to deepen our love for scripture as we ponder God’s Word and live it out in our daily lives."

Most Rev. Robert F. Morneau
Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Green Bay

"The perfect companion."

"Sacred Reading is the perfect companion for the lectio journey."

Sonja Corbitt
Author of Unleashed

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