Three Secrets to Holiness in Marriage

Three Secrets to Holiness in Marriage

A 33‐Day Self‐Guided Retreat for Catholic Couples 

Author: Dan DeMatte

Author: Amber DeMatte

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Format: Paperback

Pages: 224

Trim size: 6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 978-1-59471-799-4

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

On-sale date: March 16, 2018

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Dan DeMatte, former star of the A&E reality series God or the Girl, and his wife, Amber, unlock the keys to marital happiness and saintly holiness by guiding you on a thirty-three-day, at-home study for couples that will not only strengthen your marriage but also reenergize your relationship with God and improve your entire family’s walk with Jesus. The retreat will help you incorporate the virtues of poverty, chastity, and obedience into your marriage so you can become the spouse, parent, and Catholic you’ve always wanted to be.

The ultimate goal for the Christian life is heaven, but what path should a couple take to get there?

The DeMattes, who have worked together in youth and family ministry for more than fifteen years, believe it’s holiness—living as Jesus did.

Giving and receiving love and living for the sake of others—especially your spouse and children—will help you achieve holiness, the DeMattes say. You can even find holiness in the everyday tasks of marriage and family life such as doing the dishes, changing diapers, and cleaning up messes.

In The Three Secrets to Holiness in Marriage, the DeMattes walk you through a thirty-three -day retreat that culminates in consecrating your marriage to Christ. They will help you achieve perfect love for each other, your family, and God by incorporating the virtues of poverty, chastity, and obedience into your life. This retreat will help you fall deeper in love with Christ, your spouse and children, and the world God calls you to serve.

Each chapter includes discussion questions and a prayer for couples.


"A must for any Christian couple who wants more out of their marriage."

"Finally a book and a retreat, together, for married couples to help them grow in holiness over the course of thirty-three days.  Good, practical, and spiritual wisdom is mixed with everyday questions and prayers for the couple to discuss and grow in faith together. A must for any Christian couple who wants more out of their marriage."

Rev. David Sizemore
Pastor of St. Francis de Sales Parish
Newark, Ohio

"A gift."

"Treat your marriage to a gift by spending thirty-three days with this life-changing retreat. Packed with prayers, practical tips, and questions to ponder, Amber and Dan DeMatte will show you how to unlock the secrets to living a life of radical holiness as you journey together toward heaven."

Emily Jaminet and Michele Faehnle
Authors of Divine Mercy for Moms

"A beautiful invitation."

"A beautiful invitation to discover a deeper level in your marriage. Dan and Amber have done a marvelous job of being real and personal in a way that can help us all."

Allen Hunt
Catholic speaker and author of Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor

"Engaging and spiritually enriching."

"We found the thirty-three-day self-guided retreat reflections engaging and spiritually enriching, and we recommend this book for couples who want to renew their marriage and are seeking a practical guide."

John and Teri Bosio
Authors of Joined by Grace


"Dan and Amber have done something irresistible—making a holy marriage look like something not only possible, but attractive. This book is easy to read, thought-provoking, and fun. Using great examples and plenty of wit, they help boil down timeless wisdom into practical insights. I heartily recommend this book!"

Rev. Nathan Cromly, C.S.J.
Founder of Eagle Eye Ministries and the St. John Institute

"A book that has the potential to benefit many marriages."

"Dan and Amber DeMatte have produced a book that has the potential to benefit many marriages. This self-guided retreat can help married couples grow together in holiness by helping them to appreciate how the evangelical counsels pertain to their vocation as Christian spouses."

Perry J. Cahall
Academic Dean of Theology
Pontifical College Josephinum

"A surprising approach."

"As former Marriage Encounter presenters and presenters of various marriage talks of our own, we have read many books designed to help couples in their sacramental journey. We expected this book to be similar. But we quickly recognized that Three Secrets to Holiness in Marriage offers a surprising approach: the necessity of integrating the virtues of conjugal poverty, chastity and obedience into marriage. We were challenged, humbled and encouraged by Dan and Amber's insights as we embarked on this retreat, an experience that has been part of a pivotal healing in our sacrament."

Mark Ficocelli and Elizabeth Ficocelli
Catholic speakers

"A must-have tool."

"As someone who works in marriage ministry, getting couples to think, let alone attend a marriage enrichment event, is no easy task. In addition to the busyness of life, there is often a concern that signing up for such a gathering sends a negative message about the state of one's relationship. That's why this book is so important. It allows Catholic couples to enrich their marriage in the privacy of their own home. While we still need those outside retreats, conferences, and date nights, resources such as Three Secrets to Holiness in Marriage are also must-have tools for any married couple wanting to get closer to God and each other."

Teresa Tomeo
Syndicated Catholic radio host and coauthor of Intimate Graces


“This book will help take your marriage to a deeper level, and who doesn’t need that? The DeMattes live out the message they preach, which makes what they have to say so relatable. Every married couple should read this book.”

Justin and Mary Fatica
Author of Win It All

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