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Sacred Reading for Lent 2019

Sacred Reading for Lent 2019

Author: Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network

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Format: Paperback

Pages: 128

Trim size: 4.25 x 6.75 inches

ISBN: 978-1-59471-857-1

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

On-sale date: August 24, 2018

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Helping Catholics enter into the season of renewed prayer and penance, Sacred Reading for Lent 2019 from the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network—an international ecclesial ministry served by the Jesuits—will engage and inspire you with the Church’s daily scripture readings. It incorporates the Pope’s monthly prayer intentions for groups across the globe, giving you a new way to experience the traditional spiritual devotion known as lectio divina (sacred reading).

Using an easily accessible, six-step process, Sacred Reading for Lent 2019 guides you through the daily gospel readings for Lent as well as readings for solemnities and feasts from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday:

  • know that God is present;
  • read the gospel;
  • notice what you think and feel;
  • pray as you are led for yourself and others;
  • listen to God; and
  • ask him to show you how to live each day.

This powerful prayer book is the perfect resource if you are interested in a deeper prayer life or are seeking a new approach to praying and living the scriptures during Lent. More than simply another daily prayer book, Sacred Reading for Lent 2019 draws on the traditions of Ignatian spirituality and models the lectio divina approach to scripture reading and prayer, allowing you to change your heart and find expression in your actions. You will feel a greater sensitivity to those around you and people across the globe in meditating on the Pope’s monthly prayer intentions and creating an enriching habit of daily prayer and scripture reading that is as easy to maintain as it is enriching.


"A great way to walk through a liturgical season at your own pace."

"We have been using Sacred Reading booklets as our all-parish giveaway book for the Advent and Lenten seasons for several years. They have received many warm reviews from parishioners because each day during the sacred seasons contains a passage from scripture, a pithy reflection and something to think about for the day. They are a great way to walk through a liturgical season at your own pace."

Rev. Tom Conde
St. Christina Parish in Chicago, Illinois

"A convenient size and affordable."

"Sacred Reading for Lent is a convenient size and affordable. We gave it to all of our parishioners. They found it helped them develop a closer relationship with the Lord by doing as we are invited to during Lent—namely, pray more intensely and listen to Jesus."

Rev. Tom Stehlik, C.M.
Pastor of St. Joseph Church in New Orleans, Louisiana

"Helps the scriptures become more alive and relevant."

"Our parishioners have used Sacred Reading to grow in their understanding of scripture during these special liturgical seasons. Encouraging them to pay attention to what they are thinking or feeling as they read the gospel opens their minds and hearts to see how it speaks to them at that moment. It helps the scriptures become more alive and relevant in their everyday lives. This is something they can carry with them outside of Advent and Lent."

Mary Ann Fox
Manager of Faith Formation for Adults
and Christian Initiation and Liturgy Coordinator
Annunciation Catholic Church in Altamonte Springs, Florida


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