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Christ in the Classroom

Christ in the Classroom

Lesson Planning for the Heart and Mind 

Author: Jared Dees

Price: $12.95

Format: Paperback

Pages: 192

Trim size: 5 x 7 inches

ISBN: 978-1-59471-861-8

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

On-sale date: September 7, 2018

More Religious Education, Spirituality, Youth Ministry


If the goal of catechesis is to cultivate an encounter with Christ, why do religious educators spend so much time focused almost exclusively on ideas and not experiences? The reason is that many have never been shown a method that inspires the heart while also instructing the mind. Jared Dees, creator of the popular website The Religion Teacher, shows how applying the steps of lectio divina to teaching can reorient religious education toward encountering the person of Christ rather than merely sharing information about him.

In Christ in the Classroom, Catholic author and speaker Jared Dees applies the five steps of lectio divina—reading/learning, meditation, prayer, contemplation, and action—to the ministry of catechesis. He offers teachers and catechists a practical framework for preparing lessons that broaden the focus of teaching from mostly intellectual learning to also encountering Christ in prayer, reflection, and action. Using this method, students and catechists come to know intimately the person of Christ at the same time that they are learning the tenets and traditions of the Church.

Dees shares stories of success and failure from his own teaching experience and he offers dozens of field-tested strategies, tactics, and teaching methods to effectively integrate the steps of lectio divina into the classroom or other catechetical setting.

Outfitted with these tools, both experienced and new religious educators will feel confident in their ability to teach effectively and lead their students to a life-changing encounter with Jesus.


"Innovative and exciting."

"With this innovative and exciting new book, Jared Dees embraces the ancient practice of lectio divina as a dynamic framework for faith lessons your students will never forget—and encounters with Christ that will transform their lives."

Lisa Mladinich
Founder of

"An encouraging mentor."

"Jared Dees is the encouraging mentor every catechist and religion teacher needs. In Christ in the Classroom, we discover ways to not only assist students in learning more about Christ but, more significantly, to also provide frequent opportunities to lead students to him."

Pat Gohn
Editor of Catechist and author of All In

"Spot on."

"As a director of religious education for the last forty-five years, I am absolutely convinced that Jared Dees is spot on with this approach."

Peggy Pigors
Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation at St. Clare Parish
Santa Clarita, California

"A priceless approach."

"Lectio divina lesson planning is an awesome catechetical method. Since I teach every day, I cannot thank you enough for this priceless approach."


Gerri Jose
Master Catechist at St. Elizabeth Parish
San Francisco, California

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