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At Sea with God

At Sea with God

A Spiritual Guidebook to the Heart and Soul 

Author: Margaret Silf

Price: $17.95

Format: Paperback

Pages: 192

Trim size: 6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 978-1-933495-11-8

Imprint: Sorin Books

On-sale date: March 1, 2008

This product is no longer for sale.

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British author and retreat director Margaret Silf develops the image of life as a sea voyage to shed new light on the spiritual journey.

The art of sailing life's waters is explored with this delightful self-guided retreat. Silf uses seven aspects of sailing to explore the spiritual life: the boat, the cargo, setting sail, navigating uncharted waters, the perils of the deep, being adrift, and dropping anchor. Her creative use of scripture, reflection questions, journal starters, and real-life seafaring wisdom enables readers to reflect on their experience with fresh insight. This gentle spiritual guidebook unites ancient spiritual practices with contemporary experience in a compassionate, enlightening manner that Christians of all faiths will appreciate.


"Lively and enjoyable."

"Take a lively and enjoyable spiritual journey with Margaret Silf, one of the most accessible and inviting Christian spiritual writers today. Let this experienced guide help you navigate your way through difficult times, steer your boat through rocky waters, and chart a course through deeper intimacy with God. You’ll enjoy the trip almost as much as the joyful destination."

Rev. James Martin, S.J.,
Author of My Life with the Saints

"Wonderful journey."

"Leave it to Margaret Silf to come up with a lovely metaphor for the spiritual journey, a trip to sea! With her usual insight and attention to the concrete details of life she leads readers on the wonderful journey that God creates us for. Readers of Silf’s earlier works will not be disappointed."

Rev. William J. Barry, S.J., Author of
Finding God in All Things

"Brilliantly insightful."

"Keep your spiritual bearings anywhere with this brilliantly insightful and practical guidebook! With tenderness and challenge, Margaret Silf helps the spiritual navigator chart a steady course on life’s unpredictable seas. Through compelling stories and her own dynamic life experience, she teaches us to trust ourselves, to explore untried sources of strength, to rely on those who love us, and to always lean into God."

Rev. Holly Whitcomb, Author of
Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting