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Awakening to the Fullness of Life 

Author: Robert J. Wicks

Foreword by: Joyce Rupp

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Format: Paperback

Pages: 192

Trim size: 5 x 7 inches

ISBN: 978-1-933495-30-9

Imprint: Sorin Books

On-sale date: September 12, 2011

More Personal Growth, Prayer and Meditation, Spirituality


Now in paperback, Prayerfulness: Awakening to the Fullness of Life, by Robert J. Wicks—therapist, speaker, and bestselling author of Riding the Dragon—examines what it means to live fully in the present moment, with eyes wide open to life and to God. Blending insights from Christian contemplative practice and contemporary psychology, Wicks introduces what he calls “prayerfulness,” a way of being truly in the present to experience God and life in dynamic new ways.

Drawing from classic and contemporary spiritual writing, Wicks explores seven steps to growth in prayerfulness, including creating simple rituals, honoring life’s fragility, facing difficulties directly, and befriending anger. Thirty days of reflections, quotations, and questions also guide readers to form or strengthen a practice of daily prayer. A special feature is an innovative "spiritual mindfulness" questionnaire, a set of thirty open-ended questions that lead to a clearer sense of how present one is to daily life. Filled with practical wisdom and rooted in sound psychological principles, Prayerfulness is a clear and simple manual to living fully in the present moment.


"Unfailing honesty."

"What makes Prayerfulness stand out is Robert Wicks's unfailing honesty and his ability to unite our everyday life to our relationship with the divine."

Joyce Rupp, Author of Open the Door (from the foreword

"A triumph of the human spirit!"

"In the face of anguish and distraction, so common in our society, Wicks presents a straightforward guide to deepening faith through compassion and love. A triumph of the human spirit!"

Kerry Kennedy, Author of Being Catholic Now

"Gems of insight and wisdom."

Robert J. Wicks is the kind of wise elder that you need when times are tough and you are looking for hope. He has traveled the hard road and has gathered gems of insight and wisdom along the way. Wicks is both a trustworthy pastor and a fascinating storyteller, and you are likely to leave his hut at the edge of the village with renewed energy and creativity, and with greater freedom to love.

Robert Jonas, Editor of The Essential Henri Nouwen

"Always insightful."

"Robert Wicks’s books are always insightful and inspiring. His latest publication, Prayerfulness, provides people, especially pastoral leaders, with ways not only to pray but to live with a spirit of prayerfulness."

Most Rev. Gerald F. Kicanas, D.D., Bishop of Tucson

"Thoughtful treatments of gratitude."

"Thoughtful treatments of gratitude, patience, flowing with God, kindness, and the courage to live."

Spirituality & Practice

"Gentle wisdom."

"A simple, readable, common-sense book with gentle wisdom illustrated with anecdotes and stories."

Spirit & Life

"For all serious about their spirituality."

"Robert Wicks has attained stature and esteem earned by his awareness of our humanity. . . . Recommended reading for all serious about their spirituality."

Catholic Library World

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