My Soul Feels Lean

My Soul Feels Lean

Poems of Loss and Restoration 

Author: Joyce Rupp

Price: $16.95

Format: Paperback

Pages: 176

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 978-1-933495-56-9

Imprint: Sorin Books

On-sale date: March 11, 2013

More Death and Dying, Prayer and Meditation, Spirituality


Long beloved for her artful prayers, bestselling author Joyce Rupp presents an entirely new collection of 106 meditative poems on a theme she has woven masterfully through all her writing—the pain of loss and the hope of restoration.

My Soul Feels Lean: Poems of Loss and Restoration is a journey into compassion. Drawing on insights from her faith and a lifelong connection to the Iowa farmland of her birth, Rupp explores themes of loss and restoration in this luminous collection of poems. Returning to an undercurrent in her work since the publication of Praying Our Goodbyes, Rupp offers here sensitive insights on the pain of loss and the hope she finds when she is willing to let go and trust. Rupp’s leanness of soul has taught her to observe and celebrate the harsh beauty of life. “Loss has encouraged me to find joy and meaning here instead of pining for it elsewhere,” she writes, “to live more simply and be content with less, to appreciate more fully what I now have.”


“Full of lived experience."

“Full of lived experience, Joyce Rupp shows how loss is the teacher and acceptance the friend that opens the door to ‘peace with questions that have no answers.’”

Gunilla Norris
Author of Simple Ways

"A key to the soul’s deep places."

“In My Soul Feels Lean, Joyce Rupp offers us a key to the soul’s deep places of loss and restoration. Open the door to her poetry and come on in; there will be rugged lands and flowering meadows—luring you into prayer and reflection.”

Macrina Wiederkehr, O.S.B.
Author of Seven Sacred Pauses

"Authentic and deeply moving.”

“In the language of the soul, Joyce Rupp writes about the many faces of pain and grief in our lives. An honest, personal, and uncompromising look at the reality of loss and despair, which affects us all. Rupp takes us deeper into the journey with a powerful invitation to surrender to those moments of grace and healing that are available to us all in our darkest times. Authentic and deeply moving.”

Edwina Gateley
Poet, Author, Speaker

Joyce Rupp reads poems from My Soul Feels Lean

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