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The Redeeming Conflict Small-Group Guide

The Redeeming Conflict Small-Group Guide


Author: Ann M. Garrido

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Format: PDF

Pages: 38

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Imprint: Ave Maria Press

On-sale date: March 7, 2016

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Ann M. Garrido's book, Redeeming Conflict, can be a helpful tool for a range of different kinds of small-group gatherings—from weekly Bible study groups to monthly book study groups; from Lenten soup and salad gatherings to ongoing board or faculty formation.

The Redeeming Conflict Small-Group Guide is designed to be used by small groups in a variety of settings. It includes suggested ground rules for group discussion followed by templates for twelve hour-long sessions, aligned with the twelve habits or practices described in the book. You should feel free to adapt the number and outline of the sessions to best serve the unique setting and norms of your community. 

The guide presumes that each participant in the group will have a copy of the book as well as a personal journal or notebook that they can write in at the end of each session.