In the Beginning . . . There Were No Diapers

Laughing and Learning in the First Years of Fatherhood
Author: Tim Bete
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Format: Paperback

Publication date: January 26, 2005


Discover why readers are saying: “I laughed, I cried. . . “, “My sides split,” and “The funniest thing I've ever read!” In the midst of the challenges of parenting there's always a chance to smile and recognize the miracle of the young life that is yours to care for. With self-effacing humor and a playful sense of fun, Tim Bete helps you to smile, relax, and enjoy parenting a little more and worry a little less. Permeated by a sense of faith but never preachy, Bete opens your eyes to the little miracles of daily life.

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Pages: 192

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9781893732872

Imprint: Sorin Books

  • “Funniest man on earth.”


    “Tim Bete is the funniest man on earth when it comes to capturing the thrills and spills of life with kids. From potty training with M&Ms to Dad's Service Center, I laughed out loud. In the Beginning… is the best clean, down-to-earth and funniest book I've read in years.”

    Jodie Lynn
    Author of Mommy-CEO and syndicated parenting columnist

  • “I was rolling on the floor with laughter.”


    “Before I read this book I had no idea who Tm Bete was. After reading the first two pages, I was rolling on the floor with laughter….It takes a very talented man to present the truths of God in side-splitting humor.”

    SchoolDaze blog

  • “A mix of Christianity and humor.”


    “A mix of Christianity and humor, Bete takes a tongue-firmly-in-cheek look at aparenting, comparing the miracle of the creation of the earth with the miracle of his son's potty training — concluding that they're equally important.”

    OHIOana Quarterly

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