Gifts of the Visitation

Nine Spiritual Encounters with Mary and Elizabeth
Foreword by: Teresa Tomeo

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: March 9, 2015

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The biblical encounter between the Virgin Mary and her cousin Elizabeth, before the births of Jesus and John the Baptist, is at the heart of Gifts of the Visitation by popular speaker and syndicated columnist Denise Bossert. She uses their story to highlight nine gifts experienced by both women as they awaited the arrival of their sons and to encourage readers to develop these gifts themselves.

In her debut book, speaker, columnist, and Catholic convert Denise Bossert showcases the seasons of birth, grief, newness, and challenge experienced in the hearts of Mary and Elizabeth at the Visitation and invites readers to see these times in their own lives as opportunities to let God make all things new. Within each of those seasons, nine gifts emerge—spontaneity, courage, joy, readiness, humility, adventure, hospitality, wonder and awe, and thanksgiving—equipping readers to present Christ to the world as Mary and Elizabeth did.

Bossert's encounter with Mary, which led her to Catholicism, serves as the window for discovering and exploring the gifts and helps readers look inside their own hearts to discover what the gifts of the visit between Mary and Elizabeth mean to them and how they can be Christ-bearers to others.

Features & Benefits:

  • Relates Bossert’s pivotal conversion story, beginning with her struggle to accept and ultimately encounter Mary. Readers experience a new understanding of the Visitation on a personal and relatable scale.
  • Typically the Visitation is explored in the context of Jesus’ birth and reign, but Bossert’s book provides a different angle in exploring the gifts of the Visitation. Those gifts will inspire and change readers’ lives as they share these gifts with the world.   

Product Details

Pages: 160

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9781594715686

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “Scriptural, historical, wise, and spiritually challenging.”

    “Denise invites us to journey deeper into the mystery of the Visitation and to activate the same gifts Mary and Elizabeth were given in order to manifest Christ in our lives today. This book is scriptural, historical, wise, and spiritually challenging. Whether you are a cradle Catholic, new to the faith, or simply exploring, Denise breaks open the Visitation in a novel way to enlighten, edify, and even entertain.”

    Lisa Schmidt
    Catholic speaker and writer at

  • “A compelling, profound, and poetic meditation.”

    “A compelling, profound, and poetic meditation on the spiritual dimensions of the Visitation, enlivened and made uniquely present by incorporating the author’s own personal experiences of each of the nine ‘gifts’ drawn from Mary and Elizabeth’s deep encounters with God.”

    Helen Hull Hitchcock
    Founder of Women for Faith & Family

  • “Helped me to see Mary and Elizabeth in a new light.”

    Gifts of the Visitation helped me to see Mary and Elizabeth in a new light and to better understand and cherish my role as Christ Bearer. It motivated me to pray fervently for an increase in these invaluable gifts, some of which I have in spades, and the others . . . not so much.”

    Diana von Glahn
    Coproducer and host of The Faithful Traveler on EWTN

  • “A treasure.”

    “This is a little gem of a book that both women and men will return to, again and again, when the demands of life are such that we need fresh grounding in our appreciation of humility and grace, spontaneity and readiness, thanksgiving, and adventure and awe. It is, in two words, ‘a treasure.’”

    Elizabeth Scalia
    Author of Strange Gods

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