Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation

Chapter 5: Pontius Pilate Judges Jesus


Pontius Pilate Judges Jesus in Cecil B DeMille’s King of Kings Part 1

Film Focus Point: Scene of Pontius Pilate’s questioning of Jesus from the silent film King of Kings (1927), the dialogue of which gives the Biblical citations on-screen. (Note: stop at 4:37 if desired—afterwards is further deliberation between Pontius and his wife and the Pharisees.)

Text Focus Point: Page 113

Discussion Questions

  1. Jesus tells Pilate that he came to testify to the truth. Pilate responds, “What is truth?” Where do you see confusion about the nature of truth today?
  2. Why did Pilate finally condemn Jesus?
  3. Who is ultimately responsible for Jesus’ death? Why?

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