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Jesus and the Church

Chapter 1: The Paschal Mystery: Christ’s Death and Resurrection (Symbolon)


Symbolon Excerpt—The Paschal Mystery: Christ’s Death and Resurrection

Book Resources: Chapter 1, Section 1: The Origins of the Church 

Film Focus Point: This segment of the “Symbolon” series captures two key points about the Paschal Mystery: the radicalness of a crucified Savior and the fulfillment of the prophecy in Psalm 22.

Text Focus Point: Pages 11–12

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does the depiction of Christ’s crucifixion (c. 200 AD) accurately reflect the Roman culture’s perception of crucifixion? How might this have confused their understanding of the early Christians?
  2. Why does Jesus recite the familiar words of Psalm 22 from the cross?
  3. In what respects is the Paschal Mystery a “new covenant?” 

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