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Jesus and the Church

Chapter 2: This Is What Solidarity Looks Like (CRS)


Catholics Confront Global Poverty: This Is What Solidarity Looks Like

Book Resources: Chapter 2, Introduction: Solidarity

Film Focus Point: This video from the USCCB illustrates the notion of solidarity by illustrating a joint initiative between CRS and the USCCB that seeks to unite one million Catholics in taking action against global poverty.

Text Focus Point: Pages 47–49

Discussion Questions:

  1. According to this program, what does solidarity look like?
  2. Your textbook states: “Pope John Paul II called people to move beyond superficial conversations to a renewed sense of solidarity. He used the word solidarity to refer to a sense of human interdependence and mutual response” (47). How does this initiative move towards achieving that goal?
  3. What are concrete ways that Catholics (such as those at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish in the diocese of Joliet, Illinois) actively embrace their unity with people across the world? 

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