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Jesus and the Church

Chapter 2: Our Lady of Salvation Church Attack/Massacre


Our Lady of Salvation Church Attack/Massacre on 10/31/10 Documentary

Book Resources: Chapter 2, Section 2: Unity of Belief

Film Focus Point: This documentary relates the details of the massacre of Catholic Christians in Baghdad on October 31, 2010. It is in four parts: a historical overview of the Syrian Christians, a synopsis of the attack, an interview with Bishop Mar Sarhad (the Chaldean prelate of the Chaldean Catholic Church), and images from a memorial service for those who were slain. (While not overly graphic, the topic may upset some viewers.)

Text Focus Point: Page 56

Discussion Questions:

  1. What expressions of heroism are revealed? How do these relate to Christian faith?
  2. Bishop Mar Sarhad expresses frustration at the lack of an inquiry by the international community. Why the inaction?
  3. What are the most powerful images in the video? 

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