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Jesus and the Church

Chapter 5: Who is Jesus and what makes him unique? (Fr. Robert Barron)


Fr. Barron: Who is Jesus and what makes him unique?

Book Resources: Chapter 5, Section 1: Remembering Who We Are

Film Focus Point: In this clip from Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism series, he takes up the question of Jesus’ identity.

Text Focus Point: Pages 188–189

Discussion Questions:

  1. According to Fr. Barron, how does Jesus differ radically from the other founders of world religions? Why is this noteworthy?
  2. Why did people so commonly react to Jesus with awe and fear? How is Jesus “strange?”
  3. What does Fr. Barron mean that Jesus is YHWH moving among his people? What does he mean when he cautions us about domesticating Jesus?

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