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Jesus and the Church

Chapter 6: Father Damien of Molokai


Father Damien of Molokai

Book Resources: Chapter 6, Introduction: Christ Has No Body But Yours

Film Focus Point: This powerful video features a brief overview of the lives and ministries of Saints Damien De Veuster and Mother Marianne Cope and includes modern stories of those who have lived at leper colony.  

Text Focus Point: Pages 222–224

Discussion Questions:

  1. What were some of the various ministries performed by Father Damien in his work with the lepers?
  2. What does Sr. Alicia Damien Lau mean when she comments, “When you look at the lives of both Damien and Mother Marianne you find that they did not come in just to do a job?”
  3. What does the narrator mean when he asks, “How, in such a sacred place, can man allow such pain and suffering to exist?”

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