Jesus Christ: God's Revelation to the World (Second Edition)

Chapter 3: Scott Hahn- St. Paul: Persecutor to Apostle


Scott Hahn- St. Paul: Persecutor to Apostle

Film Focus: Dr. Scott Hahn describes the powerful conversion of St. Paul, and how it transformed Paul into one of the most influential Apostles of the Church.

Text Focus: Pages 90-91

Discussion Questions:

  1. How did St. Paul’s past as a Jewish Pharisee influence his actions as a Christian?
  2. Describe the events of St. Paul’s conversion (found in Acts 9). Did Paul regard his conversion as a one-time event, or as something ongoing? Explain.
  3. What about the way Jesus’ approached his life and death rankled Pharisees like Paul? How does St. Paul explain these things for Jews with similar concerns?
  4. How does Dr. Hahn describe the paradox of Christ’s supremacy (Philippians 2)? Is Jesus’ a domineering overlord, or does his supremacy show itself in life-giving love? Explain.

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