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Jesus Christ: God's Revelation to the World

Chapter 2: Your Love Is Strong (Jon Foreman)


Jon Foreman Unplugged—Your Love Is Strong

Film Focus Point: Lead singer of the mainstream band Switchfoot, Jon Foreman, performs “unplugged” with a group of teenagers in a coffee shop. He explains to them how his wife asked him to write worship music and he took Scripture as his inspiration to do it, just as many famous secular bands have done in the past. He then plays the religious song “Your Love is Strong.”

Text Focus Point:  Pages 27-28

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why have so many artists looked to Scripture for inspiration for their lyrics?
  2. According to Foreman, what makes the lyrics of the artists he mentions so powerful?
  3. Foreman’s response to his wife’s request to write praise and worship songs was “that just does not come to me very often,” so he turned to the Old Testament. What is the lesson in that for us?

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