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Jesus Christ: God's Revelation to the World

Chapter 9: Super Jesus


Super Jesus

Film Focus Point: “Catholic Focus: Superheroes” TV coverage, in three parts, of how superheroes/comic book culture can connect to religion and the search for God. (Note: The first part is broken up into two 4-minute segments, but with the interview format, it would be easy to break up any of the three parts.)

Text Focus Point:  Page 224

Super Jesus Part 1: 

Super Jesus Part 2: 

Super Jesus Part 3: 

Discussion Questions

  1. What are some basic lessons we can learn from superhero stories?
  2. What are the great powers we have received as Catholics? What are some of the responsibilities that go with them?
  3. What are two examples of religious themes in superhero stories? How are superhero stories and the Gospels similar?

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