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The Words of Faith: Our Prayers Series [PDF License]

Editor: Keith Egan


Pastoral leaders, catechists, and preachers striving to pass on the ancient traditions of our faith to twenty-first century Catholics will eagerly welcome the Words of Faith bulletin inserts. Affordable and easy-to-use, these downloadable inserts educate parishioners in the rich treasury of words that form the vocabulary of our faith: beloved prayers, timeless creeds, and familiar liturgical responses.

Words of Faith: Our Prayers is the first series in the Words of Faith project. These twelve downloadable bulletin inserts will help catechize the faith community on the history, doctrine, and spiritual traditions of twelve of our most ancient and beloved texts. Prayers like the Angelus, the Lord's Prayer, the Benedictus, and the Magnificat come alive in a new and captivating way.

There are many ways to use Words of Faith inserts:

  • Parish Bulletin Inserts
  • Reading Rack Stuffers
  • Handouts for Retreat Participants
  • Inserts for Lenten Resource Packs
  • Educational Tools for RCIA Candidates
  • Correspondence to Elementary School Parents
  • Adult Faith Formation Educational Series Resources

Note: Bulletins are not available for sale to bookstores, distributors, wholesalers, or online retailers. Sales to U.S. and Canadian addresses only.

Also available in sets of fifty printed bulletin inserts.

Our Prayers (Come, Holy Spirit) [PDF License] $8.95
Our Prayers (Complete Set) [PDF License] $96.66
Our Prayers (Eternal Rest) [PDF License] $8.95
Our Prayers (Salve Regina) [PDF License] $8.95
Our Prayers (The Act of Contrition) [PDF License] $8.95
Our Prayers (The Angelus) [PDF License] $8.95
Our Prayers (The Benedictus) [PDF License] $8.95
Our Prayers (The Canticle of Simeon) [PDF License] $8.95
Our Prayers (The Gloria) [PDF License] $8.95
Our Prayers (The Lord's Prayer) [PDF License] $8.95
Our Prayers (The Magnificat) [PDF License] $8.95
Our Prayers (The Rosary) [PDF License] $8.95
Our Prayers (The Sign of the Cross) [PDF License] $8.95