The Ave Maria Press STANDING ORDER PROGRAM is the BEST WAY to get new titles shipped to you for FREE as soon as they are available!

Stores that enroll in the STANDING ORDER PROGRAM will receive a 48% discount and free shipping on all new and backlist trade titles—up to ten times a year!

  • When you sign up for the Standing Order Program, you are guaranteed to receive three copies of each of the selected new trade titles. This means you will receive 20–24 different titles each year (excluding short discount products) at the 48% percent discount and FREE SHIPPING.
  • Ave Maria Press sales consultants will email and/or phone you prior to the release of new titles so that you know about the impending delivery.
  • You can ADD ON to your standing order, so that everything ships at the same time with free shipping and at the 48% discount (excluding short-discounted books).