Kristen Hornyak Bonelli

Kristen Hornyak Bonelli, Vice President and Creative Director 

When did you first come to AVE?


What’s something new God’s been teaching you?

He's teaching me I can't control everything that's going to happen in life and I'm better off being more open to the possibilities He's giving me   

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My mom. She was strong, smart, funny, and well-loved by nearly everyone who knew her. When I feel like life is overwhelming me I think of her raising my brother and I as a single mom and I know she faced far greater challenges than I have. She taught me all things really are possible with God.  

What was your first job?

When I was 12 years old I got my first job as an instructor in the "Mushroom Patch" which was the ski school for little kids at our local snow skiing area. I continued to instruct there every winter into my late twenties.  

Favorite sports team?

I was born a Notre Dame football fan. My dad was doing his doctoral work at ND when I was born and I went to my first game before I was even six months old.