Adult faith formation is all-encompassing!

Adult faith formation for today’s mature adults needs to be broad, wide, and deep.

The “delivery systems” for adult faith formation are also many and diverse, especially for this age group who—along with many similarities—are very diverse in their lifestyles, their activity, and their vibrancy.

In this webinar, Sr. Janet Schaeffler, OP explores some of background principles for what we might do in our parishes today as well as practical, usable, sensible, and realistic methods and practices.

Suggested reading before the webinar: “Adult Formation Practices for Mature Adults” on the NCCL website.

Resources Mentioned in the Webinar 

During the webinar, Sr. Janet mentioned a number of different resources to help in ministry with mature adults. Here is a complete list of the things she mentioned: 


Books which look at various characteristics of mature adults:

  • Generation Ageless by Smith and Clurman
  • Seeking Serenity by Amanda Enayati
  • The Mature Mind by Cohen
  • The Third Chapter by Lawrence-Lightfoot
  • Refire Don’t Retire by Blanchard and Shaevitz
  • Shopping for Faith by Cimino and Lattin


Sites with various resources


Learning opportunities for faith formation staff as well as courses/resources that can be used for parish adult faith formation:


Churches who have created pathways for adults (A Pathways Model is a process for helping people discern where they are in their faith journey and to chart a path for faith growth – to get from where they are to a closer relationship with Jesus and a deeper practice of the Catholic faith.) The August 2018 issue of GEMS will talk more about pathways